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Nationwide Injury Lawyers

Since forming almost 40 years ago we have grown to offer a unparalleled legal service across the country, helping people from all over England and Wales obtain justice and compensation for their injuries.

We're proud to serve people nationwide with our state of the art systems and innovative approach we handle your claim in a way that suits you, either by telephone, e-mail or post. With home visits we can also meet face to face at a time and place most convenient to you, helping guide you through the initial steps and documentation.

We're here to help, so for no obligation advice on making an injury compensation claim call our legal advisors today on 08000 93 00 94.

Below are just some of the major locations we serve and have specific in-depth experience with:


Birmingham, West Midlands

Gravelly Hill Interchange, Birmingham

Outside of the capital, more road and workplace injury claims are recorded in Birmingham than in any other English city.

With Spaghetti Junction and the Gravelly Hill Interchange amongst the most dangerous roads in the country, innocent drivers can easily fall victim to accidents here.

It's our job to make sure the residents of Birmingham and West Midlands are fully supported when making a personal injury claim and we've represented over 14,000 of claimants in the city.

Our experience in Birmingham accident claims

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

Nottingham Council House

Nottingham is a city with a population in excess of 300,000 and the frequency in which people are hospitalised through road injuries in the city is higher than the average for England.

Nottingham is very close to our head office and we've been providing legal support to the area for many years, handling over 7,500 accident claims in Nottingham alone.

We're also closely linked to the city through our relationship with the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) – as the organisation's headquarters are located just off the A52. Spencers Chairman and Director John Spencer was also appointed President of APIL in 2014.


Manchester, Lancashire

Manchester Town Hall

Statistically Manchester is one of the most prevalent hotspots for road accident claims in the UK.

In the main city alone (excluding the surrounding Greater Manchester boroughs), there were 1,120 motor accidents recorded for 2012.

We've dealt with more than 6,000 cases for the people of Manchester, helping them recover compensation for their injuries and other losses from non fault accident claims.

More details on Manchester accident claims

Leeds, West Yorkshire

Leeds Minster

As with most major UK cities, car accidents in Leeds are the cause behind the majority of compensation claims. This is largely due to a busy metropolitan road network and the fact several major motorways run into the city.

Leeds also records a high number of public liability (accidents in public areas) and medical negligence claims, in comparison to other parts of the country.

We have represented over 5,500 claimants in Leeds and have a great deal of knowledge of the area.

More stats on Leeds accident claims

Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Sheffield railway station

Historically Sheffield has always been a highly industrialised place to live or work. This is one of the factors behind why the 'Steel City' typically records more industrial disease cases than anywhere else in the UK.

Our workplace accident solicitors represent many people from Sheffield in their fight for compensation for injuries they've sustained at work.

Sheffield isn't far from our Chesterfield office, and so we've become a trusted source for the region helping nearly 20,000 clients get justice for their injuries.

More information on Sheffield injury claims

Liverpool, Merseyside

Albert Dock in Liverpool

Liverpool's heavily urbanised city centre becomes extremely busy during rush hour and on match days, so it's no surprise that it's congested transport network sees more road accidents than most other cities in England.

Plus there are more public accidents recorded here than anywhere else in the entire UK. Not to mention the industrial disease claims, where Liverpool sits in the top three cities for this type of claim between 2011 and 2012.

Our expertise in helping to secure road accident compensation on behalf of victims in Liverpool, has meant we've become very familiar with the area - which always helps us to understand our client's circumstances.

Spencers Solicitors are proud to have represented over 4,000 people from the city, helping them obtain the injury compensation they deserve.

View more information on Liverpool accident claims

Bristol, Avon

Brunel's Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol

Our connections to the city of Bristol go beyond our solid client relationships and reputation in this area, as we're also linked through our association with MASS (Motor Accident Solicitor Society), the organisation's head office is located here.

We've been helping the people of Bristol for many years helping them gain the injury compensation they deserve.



Martlett Court Office, Covent Garden

Understandably due to the sheer size and population of London, more road accidents are recorded here than anywhere else in the UK.

It's an extremely important location for us to serve, not only because of its size but also because of the dangers that present themselves in the busy capital – especially those facing a hectic commute by car, bike or on the tube.

Between April 2011 and March 2012, London recorded over 74,000 road accident claims and a worrying portion of these involved cyclists.

We're passionate about supporting cyclists and have represented many London cyclists over the years. You can find our road accident solicitors voicing their opinions on this cycle safety on our blog.

London accident claim statistics

Chesterfield, Derbyshire

Spencers Solicitors Offices, Chesterfield

This is the main offices of Spencers Solicitors and where most of our staff work day in, day out.

We're here for members of the public to visit and gain professional legal support, regarding any type of personal injury claim.

Our outstanding local service has even been recognised in Derbyshire's Trusted Trader Scheme.

Beyond law, we're proud of our roots and so we're passionate about getting involved with the community. We officially sponsor Chesterfield Football Club's Community Stand, now known as the Spencers Solicitors Community Stand.

More info on Chesterfield's largest personal injury solicitors

Basingstoke, Hampshire

Matrix House, Basingstoke

Until 2013 we had an office in Basingstoke's town centre where our lawyers would deal with compensation claims over the whole south of England.

While our main operation has now been relocated to Chesterfield, we still service many clients in the Thames Valley and have a great deal of experience with the busy commuter road network throughout the region.

It's an area we know extremely well and we're proud to still offer our full range of legal support here today.

If you live or work in Basingstoke and you would like us to take on your case, get in touch on 01256 337800 and make an enquiry.

View our Basingstoke Page

to get in touch or call us on 08000 93 00 94 for no obligation advice on making an injury claim.

We have legal advisors present from 8am throughout the day until 9pm. Once you've called and told us what's happened, we'll advise you of the next steps and provide all the documentation you need to start your claim. If you require any assistance or if you're unsure about any points, all you need to do is let us know and we can call at a time most convenient to you to going over anything you need.

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