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Our Campaigning

At Spencers our core ethos is putting duty before profit. So while our day to day work involves representing injured people, we also want to raise awareness on the wider issues that are important to us. Below is a selection of these campaigns and issues we've worked on:

Head Injuries in Sport, who's in charge?

The World Cup 2014 has brought the dangers of head injuries in sport to the forefront, as an international TV audience witnessed serious incidents of concussion where nobody took control of the situation as to do what is best for the sporting professional.

There is no cross sport consensus about how to effectively deal with the risk of concussion, how to identify it and how to reduce the risk to participants. So we take a look at what procedures are in place to deal with head injuries in major sports.

footballer with head injury

The Global problem of Cycling safety: Whose fault is it?

Cycle safety is a problem in most cities worldwide, and the role Heavy Good Vehicles play in the many casualties has brought them to prominence lately, with the introduction of cyclist awareness training for drivers. However cyclists themselves have also come under fire.

Therefore we examine what other countries are doing and the solutions available for cycling safety.

Cycle blur

Spinal Cord Injuries Day: Every 8 Hours

In 2013 we supported Spinal Cord Injuries Day which was held on Friday 17 May. The day aims to raise awareness of the reality of those affected by spinal injuries.

Every eight hours someone is told they may never walk again and face the daunting prospect of managing a spinal cord injury. Fundamentally, the day is all about raising awareness and understanding of spinal cord injuries and to demonstrate the positive future that it's possible to have after suffering such an injury. To support and further promote understanding, we brought together statistics and facts about spinal injuries to highlight the main issues and point to the various charities involved.

Spinal Injury Stats

Asbestos in Schools

In April 2013 we launched a campaign to highlight the problem of asbestos in schools and to encourage government to take positive steps to remove the toxic substance. The campaign included an infographic detailing the asbestos problem and outlining how life threatening asbestos can be to both children and teachers.

Our Director John Spencer further commented in the press:

"We're not afraid to keep banging the drum on the issue of asbestos. It's an extremely serious matter which the government has failed to adequately address in the last 30 years - and it's getting worse. Today, asbestos takes the lives of 14 teachers a year, compared to three a year in the 1980s."

For more information, view our Asbestos in schools infographic.

Asbestos in Schools infographic preview

The Trouble with Spam Text Messages

Unsolicited or spam text messages are something that nobody wants to receive. Over the last few years the number of these messages which often involve themes including PPI claims, pay day loans and injury compensation have increased rapidly, with an estimated 20 million mobile users having received at least one of these type of texts.

In October 2012 we compiled various statistics to show the extent of the problem and what can be done to stop the spammers:

  • 1.4 million responses to spam texts have been sold on to companies
  • 46% of people who receive the texts have no idea who to report it to
  • Only 30,000 complaints were made to the regulator out of 20 Million mobile phone users

These stats and more were presented in our spam text message infographic along with advice on what you can do if you receive a spam SMS.

Spam Text Messages infographic preview

Our Voice in the Personal Injury Arena

Our director John Spencer is one of the UK's leading personal injury solicitors with almost three decades experience working with injured people. John is an advocate for claimant rights and a leading campaigner for access to justice and the protection of injured people.

John has held many prominent external positions including:

John also writes regularly about a variety of legal issues in and around the personal injury sector on his personal blog.

John Spencer Photo


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