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Our Support Teams

At Spencers, we have four dedicated support teams, these include; Litigator Support Assistants, these deal with the early stages of your claims. Admin assistants; they gather information relevant to your case and assist the Litigators in day to day operations. Accounts Assistants; who manage all money transactions and bank accounts & IT Team; that maintain case management software, develop new software solutions and network infrastructure.

Our Litigator Support Assistants

The Litigator Support Assistants at Spencers are the first point of call for all enquiries. Our team of specially trained assistants can ensure your claim is tailored to suit your needs.

They are responsible for providing initial legal advice, creating the claim and the early stages of dealing with it.

April Clayton - Litigator Support Assistant

April Clayton photo

April has worked for Spencers Solicitors for 7 years. She has worked in various roles within the firm including uninsured loss recovery and personal injury claims. She is now working as Litigator Support Assistant dealing with new enquiries for the firm.

Direct Dial: 01246 266705

Donna Revill - Litigator Support Assistant

Donna Revill photo

Donna joined Spencer’s Solicitors in October 2014 initially in the Admin Team and after three months transferred to a new role as a Litigator Support Assistant, where new enquiries are dealt with. Donna enjoys her role, finding it varied and interesting.

Direct Dial: 01246 266607

Stephanie Otter - Litigator Support Assistant

Stephanie Otter photo

Stephanie has worked with the company since December 2000. Stephanie has worked in various roles within the firm and has a lot of experience in various different areas of the business. Currently Stephanie works as a Litigator Support Assistant where initial claim details are taken from both commercial and Private Clients. Stephanie is also First Aid trained and is an emergency Fire Marshall.

Direct Dial: 01246 266632

Our Admin Assistants

Our Admin Team assists all employees within the company, this involves gathering information, scanning important documents on to our systems and assisting on our case management software.

Lizzy Cardwell - Administrative Supervisor

Lizzy Cardwell photo

Lizzy joined the company in 2008 as an admin assistant, in 2014 she became the admin supervisor. She enjoys her job and loves the challenge of running her own team. The admin team's main function is to assist all employees within the company, this in turn can create some very challenging tasks but the team always pulls together to complete them and as the supervisor Lizzy finds it very rewarding to watch her team flow and work together.

Direct Dial: 01246 266747

Colin Walton - Admin Assistant

Colin Walton photo

Colin joined Spencers Solicitors in 2001 originally as part of a security team; as part of CS2 Lawyers. During 2005, Colin moved over to the Admin team where he works as part of a small team completing a diverse range of duties on a daily basis.

Direct Dial: 01246 266788

Jayne Frost - Admin Assistant

Jayne Frost photo

Jayne joined Spencers Solicitors in November 2008 initially as part of a small team running the onsite café where she spent 9 months catering for staff and Client’s. Due to changes within the company Jayne moved roles to become part of a larger team within the administrative department which broadened her job role in assisting of file handlers and communicating with clients on a daily basis which she really enjoys.

Direct Dial: 01246 266758

Lucy Ward - Admin Assistant

Lucy Ward photo

Lucy joined the company in January 2011 after several years working in the Legal Industry, she started on the Client Contact Centre working evenings, she worked on the Contact Centre for 3 years before going on maternity leave. After returning from maternity leave Lucy joined the Admin Team working 3 days a week, she really enjoys her role, each day is varied and she finds it really interesting.

Direct Dial: 01246 266748

Laura Whitworth - Admin Assistant

Laura Whitworth photo

Laura joined Spencers Solicitors in September 2003 originally as part of CS2 Lawyers as an Admin Assistant. With over 12 years experience she has gained a lot of knowledge within the admin team also assisting solicitors with dictations. Laura really enjoys her role.

Direct Dial: 01246 266778

Our Accounts Assistants

The accounts team provides support to our legal staff for daily transaction processing and provide key reports to the board members and deal with all other costs at Spencers.

Dominic O'Neil - Accounts Assistant

Dominic O'Neil photo

Dominic has worked for Spencers Solicitors since August 2002 originally as part of CS2 Lawyers. He started as an Admin Assistant before progressing into the Accounts Department as an Accounts Assistant.

Dominic provides day to day support to the litigation and management teams and is responsible for the daily transaction processing function as well as other varied duties.

Direct Dial: 01246 266664

Hayley Millard - Management Accountant

Hayley Millard photo

Hayley has been with the firm since 2010 and is a Member of the Association of Accounting Technicians as well as being First Aid trained. As part of her role as Management Account, Hayley prepares the management accounts and provides key monthly reports and analysis to managers and the firm’s board.

Direct Dial: 01246 266690

Our IT Team

Our IT Team is the first point of call for all employee's IT related issues, amending or implementing system and maintaining the Spencer’s network infrastructure.

Craig Hawkins - Support Technician

Craig Hawkins photo

Craig is an experienced Support Technician who joined the business in 2014. In addition to providing in-house helpdesk support across all departments, Craig’s role also involves maintaining the network infrastructure and all IT equipment.

Direct Dial: 01246 266613

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Ryan Jackson - Software Developer

Ryan Jackson photo

Ryan joined the business in 2012 originally as a Desktop Support Technician, providing support to the legal function via the IT department helpdesk and participated in a number of successful firm-wide projects introducing new systems.

During 2014, Ryan was successful in moving to a Software Development role and is now responsible for the design and delivery of new applications inclusive of Spencer’s MOJ streamlined portal interface, new legal processes and developing the website.

Direct Dial: 01246 266605

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