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Can I make a claim for scarring as a result of an injury?

If you have been injured in an accident which has left you with a scar on one or more parts of your body, you may be feeling increasingly self conscious about your injury. People who have sustained significant scarring, particularly to parts of their body which are visible to others (such as facial scarring), often find that they lack the confidence they previously had, and they avoid certain situations or events.

Scarring can result from a wide range of injuries and from various types of accident, such as accidents in the workplace (particularly in environments containing machinery, hot liquids and chemicals), road traffic accidents or slips and trips.

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Treatment for scarring injuries

Following initial treatment for an injury, a medical professional will usually be able to indicate whether permanent scarring is likely.

If the scarring is of a serious nature then you may be referred to a specialist such as a Plastic Surgeon. The specialist will be able to comment on the likely extent of the scarring and may also be able to recommend possible treatment options to minimise the appearance of the scarring. This may be in the form of plastic surgery or laser treatment.

Recovery time and fading

Claims involving scarring can often take longer to settle than claims for straightforward muscular injuries, as it can often take some time for the scarring to settle and for the specialist to be able to form an opinion on the extent of the long term appearance of the scar.

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How much can you claim for scarring?

The amount of compensation you receive for the scarring will largely depend on:

  • The extent of the scarring
  • The location of the scar on your body
  • Whether or not the scar is likely to fade in time

Psychological effects of scars

If you have also suffered psychologically as a result of the scarring, for example, if your confidence has been affected and you no longer feel able to live your life as fully as you were before your injury, you may be able to claim an element of compensation for these psychological effects.

Childhood scars

It's also worth noting that if you suffered scarring from an accident you were involved in when you were a child, and no legal action was taken at the time, you do have until your 21st birthday in which to make a compensation claim.

A Personal Injury claim for Scarring

If you wish to make a personal injury claim for scarring that you sustained as a result of an accident, you should contact specialist personal injury lawyers who will be able to answer any questions you may have and advise you on your chances of pursuing a successful claim.

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