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Personal Injury Claim Medical Examination Guide

When you make a claim for compensation, you will usually have to undergo a medical examination as part of your personal injury claim. The purpose of the independent medical examination is to allow the expert to prepare a report detailing the injuries suffered, any treatment received, the effects of the injury and where necessary, to provide a prognosis for recovery.

Injury Medical Files

What will the medical examination involve?

The expert or consultant will ask you questions about the circumstances of the accident and the cause of your injury. They will also ask about your symptoms, any treatment and how the injuries have affected your day to day life. The expert is also likely to carry out a physical examination, though the extent of this will depend on the type of injury suffered.

The length of an examination varies depending on the nature of your injuries, and the type of medical expert. It may take as little as half an hour, or in some cases it may take much longer.

It is important to be open and honest with the expert and answer their questions as fully as possible.

How far will I have to travel to see a medical expert?

We will always endeavour to arrange an appointment at a convenient location for you. However it does depend on what type of medical expert you need to see, as occasionally you may need to travel a little further to see an expert in a specialised field.

What if I have suffered with health issues before the accident?

Depending on the nature and extent of the injury suffered, the medical expert may need to review your medical records in order to provide a report. If you have suffered with health issues in the past, it is likely that the expert will review your records to consider the effects of the previous issues on your current condition.

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What if there are matters in my medical records that I do not wish to disclose?

Only matters which are relevant to the injury suffered need to be considered by the expert. The expert may need to review all your medical records, but will only consider and comment on matters which are relevant to your current condition within the report.

Can I refuse access to my medical records?

Your medical records are private and confidential and you can refuse any access to them. However, without access to your medical records the expert may only be able to provide a limited opinion, and may not be able to confirm to what extent your past medical history has impacted on your current condition.

What happens after an independent medical examination?

The expert will prepare a medical report (also known as a medico-legal report) within a few weeks of your appointment. This document will state what injuries you have suffered due to the accident and how they have or will affected your day to day life. The report will also contain a prognosis which is the medical expert's opinion of how your recovery is likely to progress.

This report will then be sent to you to check over, before potentially being disclosed as evidence in your compensation claim.


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