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  Philip McCabe    
  February 23, 2017

Gender Pay Reporting - How to comply

Acas and the Government Equalities Office have published guidance on how businesses can calculate and report their gender pay gap. [More]

  Philip McCabe    
  February 22, 2017

Getting those “off the record” conversations right

It is all too common for managers to confuse 'without prejudice' and 'protected conversations'. Here's how employers can get the distinction right. [More]

  Philip McCabe    
  February 20, 2017

When you forget about an employee...

Whilst Mr Garcia, a Spanish civil servant who failed to turn up for work for "at least" six years until he was caught after becoming eligible for a long service award is an extreme example, it can be a case of ‘out of sight out of mind’... [More]

  Philip McCabe    
  February 13, 2017

As this week sees Valentine’s Day, what could be more sobering than a warning of the dangers of office affairs?

Around one in five of married couples meet at work - if the evidence of divorce petitions are anything to go by, and with the increasing number of workplace affairs involving a colleague or client, the percentage of people who meet at work and have an affair is likely to be far greater than this. [More]

  Philip McCabe    
  January 23, 2017

Can temporary incapacity be a disability?

It is well established law that for someone to be considered as disabled under the Equality Act 2010 their physical or mental impairment must have lasted or be likely to last 12 months. However, it is not always possible to... [More]

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