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Market reform advocate John Spencer elected to prominent personal injury law organisation

April 15, 2011 at 9:00 AM

John Spencer, has been elected to the Executive Committee of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL), it has been announced. APIL is the leading not-for-profit organisation engaged in the promotion and development of personal injury (PI) law.

An ardent campaigner for reform and professional standards in the PI marketplace, Spencer has been a Fellow of APIL since 2006.

On his election, Spencer commented: "I am truly honoured to have been elected by my colleagues to the Executive Committee of APIL."

"We are all aware that the personal injury market is at a crossroads, facing a period of unprecedented change which could threaten professional standards and access to justice. In light of these challenges, I look forward to the opportunity to contribute and work with my colleagues to ensure that the rights of accident victims are protected and the highest professional values and practices are preserved and promoted."

A qualified solicitor since 1985, Spencer is a leading authority in the personal injury marketplace and a steadfast advocate for protection of claimants. Spencer has served as Chairman of the Motor Accident Solicitors Society and is its RTA Portal Co Director as well as a member of its Management Committee.

Closely involved with policy development for the PI marketplace, John participated in a series of workshops on Alternative Business Structures in 2010 run by the Legal Services Institute, and has engaged in Solicitors Regulation Authority workshops on this issue.

A Law Society Panel Member since March 2002, John also recently provided expert testimony to the House of Common’s Transport Committee on the cost of motor insurance. His comments laid bare inherent flaws in the PI market, especially in relation to the referral fees which insurers and other bodies charge solicitors, and contributed to the Committee recommending increased transparency on the issues.

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