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Leading solicitor urges claims management companies to support reform of the PI marketplace

May 6, 2011 at 9:00 AM

Prominent consumer advocate addresses 2011 Claims Management Seminar

John Spencer, yesterday urged the UK’s leading claims management companies (CMCs) to be part of the effort to fundamentally rethink industry practices in the best interest of consumers.

In his speech at the Claims Management Seminar 2011 in Manchester, Spencer pointed to various dysfunctions in the current system which he argues threaten access to justice and the protection of accident victims.

Spencer, commenting after his speech, said:

"Given this opportunity for dialogue with representatives from the nation's leading claims management companies, I felt it important to confront the hard truth of the systemic dysfunction within the personal injury marketplace. The entrenched commercial incentives and practices make many of us in the industry increasingly uncomfortable."

"It is time for a fundamental rethink. I firmly believe that only a genuine industry-wide commitment to placing the well-being of accident victims at the centre of the entire system – and support for the changes required to make that happen – is the only real solution to guarantee access to justice and the protection of claimants."

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