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New Law Journal: To ban or not to ban?

July 29, 2011 at 9:00 AM

John Spencer quoted in Professor Dominic Regan's "To ban or not to ban?" referral fees article in the July edition of the New Law Journal.

"The other strand of this insipid report is that consumers do not mind the practice. Might they if they were to realise that substantial sums are being paid? It is inevitable that these payments ultimately are met by everyone who insures a vehicle. This point was made by that most highly respected road traffic solicitor, John Spencer, in a splendid recent interview in the Daily Mail (8 June 2011). If there is one publication that frightens the government then it is the highly influential Mail. The recent, massive hike in car insurance cover is, I suggest, going to encourage poorer people not to bother taking out insurance at all, meaning that those who do will face even greater costs to cover the uninsured."

Read the full article To ban or not to ban? on The New Law Journal website.

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