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The Times: End of the road for selling victims' cases

September 22, 2011 at 9:00 AM

Leading Personal Injury Lawyer John Spencer quoted in The Times article on the Personal Injury Referral Fees Ban - "End of the road for selling victims' cases"

Trade unions, garages and insurers themselves were all entrenched in what John Spencer, a leading PI lawyer, calls "an industry of dysfunction".

So is Spencer, the director of Spencers Solicitors (soon to be rebranded as Spencers), pleased by the ministry’s announcement? "Yes," he says, "but the devil is in the detail. Referral fees create perverse commercial incentives that add no value to claimants.

"They help to line the pockets of many market participants, such as insurers and claims management companies. But a timescale for the ban has not been stated. We also need to be very careful to ensure that referral fees do not appear in another guise. And to ban them properly, we need to define exactly what they are."

Read the full article Bar chief attacks legal regulator over referrals on The Times website (subscription required).

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