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Chesterfield Volunteer Centre - Volunteer of the Year Awards

November 9, 2011 at 9:00 AM

November 4th saw the Chesterfield Volunteer Centre AGM and Volunteer of the Year Awards. Two of Spencers Solicitors' senior employees are Trustees of the Centre and were in attendance at the event.

Rob Landman (Chief Financial Officer) and Craig Gravil (Complex Injury Solicitor and Section Head) were once again hugely impressed by the commitment and selflessness shown by those who volunteer their services and provide help to those in need. Rob said "The time and commitment these volunteers are prepared to give to others in the local community is nothing short of remarkable. The Centre does a tremendous job of establishing and running community programmes and engaging the volunteers necessary to deliver them, all carried out on a very tight budget."

Visit the Spencers Solicitors facebook page for photographs of the Volunteer of the Year Awards.

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