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Post Online: Greening's proposals put the 'cart before the horse'

February 6, 2012 at 9:00 AM

Post online reports on John Spencer's reaction to comments made about the personal injury system by Transport Secretary Justine Greening.

Greening said "The first challenge will be to get the insurance industry to acknowledge that everybody has a collective responsibility to tackle this. It is not good enough to agree there is a problem, but then claim it is everyone else's fault."

But John Spencer, director of Spencers Solicitors, said that Greening's proposed reforms to the personal injury system have all the hallmarks of "putting the cart before the horse". “It is striking that the proposal, particularly in relation to accidents at low speeds, appears to have been drawn up exclusively at the behest of insurers. More comprehensive consultation with medical professionals and solicitors would have revealed to the Transport Secretary that serious injuries can occur, even at low speeds."

Read the full article Greening's proposals put the 'cart before the horse' on the Post Online website.

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