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The Times: Moral renewal needed over motor insurance claims?

February 10, 2012 at 5:03 PM

The Times Law Central Blog reports on the Spencers Solicitors www.shouldtheyclaim.co.uk campaign.

"Spencers Solicitors - which campaigns against abuses in the insurance market - cites the development of an entitlement culture in Britain in which insurance claims are just another form of unearned income."

"For example, a claim was made for a car accident which was caused by the claimant being distracted by 'Waving to a man whom he had struck with his car the previous week'. Then there was the man who attempted to pursue a personal injury claim despite admitting he was not actually in the car at the time of the accident. Add to that a lack of candour – such as by the claimant who had twelve previous PI claims which he had not disclosed – and we are in very murky moral territory. And, of course, there is also full blown criminality such as by the London gang which made £3 million worth of false claims against insurers in three years, for car accidents they caused deliberately. If they believed the damage to their cars post-crash was insufficient, they would take a baseball bat to the car just to clinch the point."

Read the full article Moral renewal needed over motor insurance claims? on The Times website (subscription required).

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