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The Lawyer: The drive to dismiss whiplash

May 8, 2012 at 9:00 AM

John Spencer writes for The Lawyer on the whiplash injury "bandwagon" and the government's crusade against insurance cheats.

"The whiplash bandwagon has again rolled into town and many have hopped aboard. As Transport Secretary Justine Greening and Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke announced claims reforms last week (2nd May) at what was the second summit of motor insurers in Whitehall, the great, the good and the not especially well-informed sought to make their views on whiplash known."

"The bandwagon is in danger of being driven so badly that accident victims have little or no chance of redress. That may be good news for the insurance industry - and the many government ministers who have a financial stake in it - but it is a poor return for the man in the street."

Read the full article The drive to dismiss whiplash on The Lawyer website.

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