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Spencers Injury Auction Campaign Makes Headlines

May 29, 2012 at 9:00 AM

Spencers Solicitors' campaign launched yesterday, highlighting the practice of Injury Auctions by Insurance companies, has received numerous press coverage including:


Daily Mirror: Cashing in on drivers' injuries
"GREEDY insurers have been branded "morally bankrupt" for ramping up a referral fee racket ahead of a ban, an industry whistleblower has claimed."

Scottish Daily Record: Cashing in on drivers' injuries
"Solicitor John Spencer says insurance companies are making up to £800 a go for flogging details of customers who have been involved in car accidents to personal injury lawyers."

Post online: Personal injury cases being auctioned off to the highest bidder
"Personal injury cases are being auctioned off to the highest bidder by insurance companies, according to Spencers Solicitors, which has launched a campaign in an attempt to rid the personal injury system of this practice."

The Law Society Gazette: Insurers' "morally bankrupt" injury auctions under fire
"A personal injury solicitor has accused insurance companies of ‘auctioning cases to the highest bidder".

Insurance Times online: Insurers' "morally bankrupt" injury auctions under fire
"Motor premiums are rising due to the “morally bankrupt” practice of major insurers auctioning off bundles of personal injury cases to the highest bidder, Spencers Solicitors director John Spencer has said."

AOL Money: Insurance firms cash in on ambulance chasers - and we're paying
"Ambulance chasers have long had a poor reputation for cashing in on the needy or the greedy - encouraging them to find someone to blame for everything, and drag them through the courts in the hope of a payoff.

However, one personal injury lawyer has warned that these unscrupulous operators are not acting alone - they are aided and abetted by insurers."

Insurance Age: Insurers behaving in 'morally repugnant' fashion over PI auctions
"A solicitor's firm has branded the practice of auctioning books of personal injury claims morally repugnant and bankrupt."

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