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Spencers Solicitors Promote Blood Donation

July 9, 2012 at 9:00 AM

Supporting the National Blood Service is a 'key community initiative' for law firm Spencers Solicitors - whose staff donated blood last month to potentially save 96 lives.

Blood banks are depleting in the UK and the NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) is concerned about further dramatic falls during this year's Olympics in London. The personal injury lawyers at Spencers Solicitors share the concern - explaining how they deal with hospitalised accident victims every day and know first-hand how blood donations can save lives, especially in serious injury claims where transfusions can be common place.

The 2006 World Cup allegedly (and indirectly) caused donations to fall by a fifth - and Britain wasn't even the host. Separate reports suggest there was a 7 per cent decrease during the Jubilee weekend. With this in mind, the NHSBT hope to increase donations by 30 per cent this month in order to cushion a potential decline following the opening ceremony on July 27th. Spencers Solicitors are making a direct contribution by donating themselves, while also raising awareness about the blood shortages.

Martyn Gilbert, Spencers Solicitors Chief Information Officer, commented:
"Our team here at Spencers deal with injured people every day with many of our clients being hospitalised as a result of the injuries they sustain. This was why supporting the National Blood Service was a key priority when our Corporate and Social Responsibility policy was created over two years ago."

"However the real success of the initiative is down to so many of our staff giving up their time to regularly attend the mobile blood donation unit, especially when blood stocks are so low as the Olympics draw near."

Meanwhile, the NHSBT has revealed less than 5 per cent of the British population currently give blood. Combining this data with statistics on road accident cases, Spencers Solicitors are adamant that they will continue to make blood donations in order to save more lives.

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