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Law Society Gazette: Text spammers face £250k fines

October 25, 2012 at 8:21 AM

John Spencer speaks to John Hyde from the Law Society Gazette on the increasing amount of spam texts that encourage PPI and personal injury claims.

"About two-thirds of the 8.7 million spam texts sent every day are related to accident compensation or PPI claims. ‘The public have told us that they are increasingly concerned about the illegal marketing texts and calls,’ said Simon Entwisle, director of operations for the ICO."

"John Spencer, director of PI firm Spencers Solicitors, said spam texts show the profession in a very poor light. 'We need to stay firm in terms of not accepting instructions when they come through this route'"

Read the full article PPI text spammers face £250k fines on the Law Society Gazette website.

You can also view an infographic we've created to highlight the overall problem of spam texts.

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