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Spencers Solicitors comment on judicial review of Road Traffic Accident PI scheme

March 1, 2013 at 4:54 PM

Commenting on the outcome of the judicial review of the Secretary of State for Justice's decision to reduce the amount of fees payable for cases conducted through the road traffic accident (RTA) personal injury scheme, John Spencer, Director of Spencers Solicitors, a leading personal injury claimant law firm based in Chesterfield, said:

"Today's judgment is a kick in the teeth for claimants, with the Government putting the interests of big business before those of the injured person.

"The MoJ has dressed up its position as being the 'reasonable and proportionate' position in the middle of two polarised sides of a debate. In reality, the Government has absolutely delivered on the wish list for the insurance sector and has equally failed injured people.

"Of course the insurance industry would argue that claimant lawyers are paid too much. They wish independent, professional legal advice to be written out of the system, allowing genuine accident claimants to either fend for themselves or, more likely, to settle a claim directly with insurers at a lower level than the victim should rightly be receiving for their injuries.

"The very premise of the UK judicial system is for legal professionals to support people seeking access to justice and secure the level and type of care and damages right for every aspect of their situation. This ruling will mean that victims could be left bewildered by a complex legal system that benefits the insurance industry and not the injured person."

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