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The (Halloween) Highway Code

October 25, 2016 at 9:00 AM

We’re approaching that time of year again when all the children and parents will be going out into the neighbourhood trick or treating. The children love it but for parents it can be stressful, trying to ensure excitable children stay safe crossing the road, walking up and down driveways and of course doing it all on a dark cold autumn night.

Halloween Pumpkins

It’s a fact that at this time of year a child’s risk of being injured increases greatly so it’s important we all follow some simple Halloween safety tips.

1. Add reflective tape to costumes particularly if you are wearing a dark outfit. You’re more visible to drivers then.

2. Be bright at night! Carry a torch or glow stick

3. If you are wearing a Halloween mask ensure you can see out of it properly especially when crossing the road and walking along the pavement, an easy alternative to a mask is face paint.

4. Ensure costumes are fire retardant

5. Never cross the road in between parked cars

6. Younger children should be accompanied by an adult.

7. If older children are venturing out on their own ensure that you agree what time they are to come home and that they are carrying a mobile phone in a bag or pocket.

8. Never enter anyone’s home

9. Plan your route and stick to it

10. And finally, be alert at all times.

Halloween should be a fun time for children and we should keep it that way, but common sense is required to ensure our children stay safe and avoid serious personal injury.

About the author

Laura Reaney  photo Laura Reaney is a litigator within Spencers Solicitors Complex Injury team. Laura has extensive experience in dealing with claimants that have complex and serious injuries, and over the years has worked on various cases including those involving back and spinal injuries.

Laura's last blog was Mobile Phones and Driving - Why are people still ignoring the dangers?.


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