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Consultancy agreements are common for businesses hiring a contractor or the self-employed to work on a particular project. These agreements tend to be popular because self-employed individuals or contractors have fewer legal rights.

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What are Consultancy Agreements?

You can protect your business with a written consultancy agreement which reflects all the terms of engagement. We will make sure the agreement covers everything needed to ensure you are kept safe including:

  • Defining the contractor's status as a consultant or self-employed worker rather than an employee of yours, limiting your liabilities for PAYE and NI, holiday pay and sick pay.
  • How the arrangement is to be terminated. Unlike a contract of employment there is no right to claim unfair dismissal, however there may be claims for damages for breach of contract.
  • Accurately defining the services to be provided. This can be very important to establish liability if the contract is not performed properly, as well as clearly setting out who will provide materials and insurance cover.
  • Protecting your business if the consultant wishes to nominate a substitute to carry out the work.

Without an expertly drafted consultancy agreement you could find your business is exposed to financial liabilities, and face an unexpected Employment Tribunal claim.

How can we help you?

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