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HR Services & Support for Your Business

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HR Services & Support for Employers

We help achieve your goals by fully utilising your greatest resource, your people.

Employment policies and practices should work to your advantage and not leave you open to risk.

How do you attract and retain the best people, while keeping up-to-date with employment legislation? It can be a tricky balancing act. Getting it wrong can be costly and potentially damaging to your business.

for a no obligation discussion regarding our HR services.

Please view the links below for further information on all of our HR services we provide which will help protect and support your business. Alternatively, you can also reach us by telephone on 01246 266662.

Documents and Materials

  • Bespoke Training and Workshop Programmes
    Our training and workshop programmes will be bespoke to you and your business. Speak with our HR consultants today for a free, no obligation 'health check' to assess your current training schedules.
  • Family Friendly and Flexible Working Services
    Providing staff with flexibility whilst ensuring business needs are met can be challenging. We can support you with these processes and help with any flexible working applications.
  • Sickness and Absence Services
    We recognise how disruptive any absence can be to your business, whether short term or over a long period of time. For advice and support dealing with absence management processes, speak to our team of HR professionals today.
  • Template Letters and Document Resources
    Drafting letters and documents for employees can be a time consuming task, especially when immersed in the constant running of a business. We can offer bespoke materials which are tailored to suit your needs.

Employment Assistance

  • Disciplinary and Grievance Services
    Businesses must follow the ACAS Code of Practice when dealing with any disciplinary or grievance situation. Our team of HR consultants can provide the help you need in order to conduct a successful investigation or hearing.
  • Employment Contract Services
    As HR professionals, we can draft, amend or update all employment documentation including contracts, offer letters, company policies and staff handbooks that are tailored to suit your requirements.
  • Investigations, Hearings and Appeal Services
    You may be put in a position to carry out an investigation of misconduct of grievance from an employee. We offer support for those occasions and will ensure that investigations are conducted correctly.
  • Performance Management Services
    To monitor employee performance efficiently, our team of HR consultants can work with you to create periodical appraisal routines and other procedures to ensure that your employees are performing to the best of their ability.
  • Recruitment Services
    Recruitment can be time consuming and drawn-out. We can offer support and steer you in the right direction throughout the recruitment process including drafting role descriptions and conducting interviews with potential candidates.

Ending Employment

  • Redundancy and Restructuring Services
    As an employer, it is imperative that the correct procedures are applied fairly when dealing with any redundancy or business restructuring.
  • Employment Termination Advice
    In a situation where an employment relationship requires to end, our team of HR consultants can provide the necessary support to ensure that any termination can be dealt with under minimal disruption and danger to you and your brand.

Where Next?

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Online Enquiry

Complete an online enquiry form and one of our team will contact you to assist with any questions, or call us on 01246 266662.

HR Service Packages for Small Businesses

Service Packages for Small Businesses

Our business packages will provide you with the necessary HR materials you need to meet all legal obligations as an employer.

Free Business Workshop: Social Media Employment Law Briefing

Please join us on Thursday 1st December for a free Employment Law & HR briefing presented by HR Manager, Kelly Pashley-Handford & Head of Employment Law, Philip McCabe at Dunston Innovation Centre (Chesterfield, S41 8ND).

Qualified CIPD HR Professionals

Your business may not be large enough to support dedicated HR staff, or your in-house resources may be overstretched. Either way, many of our clients have faced similar issues and turned to us for expert advice and help from a qualified CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) HR professional.

While many companies offer advice, our experienced team has the added advantage of the full support and knowledge of our expert employment law solicitor working alongside them. We can offer you a range of options:

  • Outsourced HR
    We can operate as a 'virtual' HR department, offering HR advice either remotely or at your premises. This is an ideal solution for expanding businesses.
  • HR Projects
    You can use us an additional resource when you need it - either remotely or at your premises - such as during interview processes or when investigating disciplinary or grievance issues.
  • Interim Management
    You may need more regular or a longer period of HR advice, for example to provide cover for maternity leave. Our consultants can 'hold the reins' for you, backed up by our employment law team.

Service Packages for Small and New Businesses

The Complete HR Service is very flexible - allowing you to create a package that suits your business needs as you grow. It can also be modified from year to year, and include our Employment Law service too.


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