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Redundancy and Restructuring Services

Dealing with redundancy or restructuring the business on your own can feel drawn out and disruptive for everyone if not done properly. We know making staff redundant is a difficult but often necessary part of running a business.

As an employer, you naturally need to apply the correct procedures fairly. Employees have many rights in a redundancy situation and making the wrong decision can be very costly to your business.

for advice on redundancy or restructuring procedures.

How to deal with Business Restructuring and Redundancy

There will be times when you need to restructure your business, such as during the introduction of more efficient working practices, when implementing a change in direction, or in response to changes in the economy. When it comes to supporting businesses through restructuring and redundancies our team work closely with you, whether it's a small-scale redundancy initiative or more complex restructuring of a large workforce. We'll help you avoid problems, create a timeline for any redundancy processes, and deal with any challenges from union or employee representatives. We can help you set the selection methods and prepare you with all the documents and letters you will need.

We collaboratively guide you through the law with practical and strategic advice, providing all the assistance you need to ensure reorganisation goes as smoothly as possible. By following best practice, we'll help you mitigate the impact of the process on your employees and the business.

Advice from Experienced HR Professionals

One of the most important parts of a redundancy programme is ensuring that you end up with the best staff to take your business forward and that any departing staff are treated fairly.

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HR Service Packages for Small Businesses

Service Packages for Small Businesses

Our business packages will provide you with the necessary HR materials you need to meet all legal obligations as an employer.

Employment Law and HR Professionals

We excel in employment law and HR, so we'll add our legal strength and excellence to your business. It is a bespoke, fixed cost employment law and HR support package, tailored to your needs and budget. We'll save you time and money.

From day one we help put you in the strongest position possible, so that you can concentrate on running your business.

Depending on your needs you can choose from either our bespoke employment law advice or HR support package, or combine them both to benefit from a complete employment law and HR service, which includes:

  • Proactive reviews and updates to make sure your practices are up-to-date.
  • Unlimited access by email and telephone to advice and assistance from a specialist employment law solicitor or qualified HR professional.
  • Advice, guidance and documents for all your day to day employment law issues including misconduct, poor performance, sickness and incapacity, standard redundancies, grievance and disciplinary issues.
  • Free entry to our Spencers Employment Law and HR Briefings and training sessions, and free copies of all publications.
  • 20% discount on our usual employment law and HR fees for any additional services.


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