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Sickness and Absence Services

Few businesses can afford to be without a skilled and experienced member of staff for too long - not to mention the expense of sick pay, overtime or additional salaries paid for cover staff. Handling long and short terms absence is a major concern for all employers.

for advice without obligation on absence procedures.

How can absences be managed effectively?

We recognise that short-term absence - especially increased non attendance on Monday and Friday is extremely disruptive for your business, especially if you have limited resources. Equally, any absence can have a huge impact on those members of staff left to pick up the extra work. Long-term absence could be caused by a disability or underlying issue. Working with occupational health professionals, we can help with the practical adjustments you may be required to make to comply with the law.

As specialist HR professionals and employment lawyers we can help you address absences fairly and effectively by:

  • Reviewing your options when you may doubt that an employee is genuinely unwell
  • Establishing the cause of the ill-health and, where the absence is work related, what steps should be taken
  • Investigating whether there is a relevant disability and what adjustments should be considered
  • Clarifying employees entitlement to statutory and discretionary sick pay and holiday pay
  • Aiding reintroduction of an employee who returns to work after long-term absence
  • Providing information on how to decide if it is appropriate to dismiss the employee on ill health grounds

Absence Management Support

Managing sick or disabled employees can be challenging from a practical perspective and can also present a wide range of legal issues including potential claims of unfair dismissal, discrimination, negligence or breach of contract.

Get in touch with us today on 01246 266662 or fill out our online enquiry form for help on any aspect of absence management and let us support you in making the right decisions for your business.

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HR Service Packages for Small Businesses

Service Packages for Small Businesses

Our business packages will provide you with the necessary HR materials you need to meet all legal obligations as an employer.

Professional HR Advice and Support

Better advice comes from better knowing you and your business. We invest the time to get to know what you do and how you work to be sure we deliver the best possible advice and results you need.

  • With no "clock ticking" on fees, you can take your time to get to know us and explain the issues you need help with
  • Your HR team and senior managers can also get to know us - without you worrying about any extra cost
  • We take the time to talk through advice clearly, and assist you in the practical implementation of this

Keeping up to date with changes in employment law and Human Resources is difficult - especially when you have other competing demands like running your business. Getting the balance wrong can be time consuming and costly.

We know costs must be managed and unpredicted incidents are a burden. With a fixed annual fee spread over the year, it doesn't matter how often you contact us for advice and help.

We excel in employment law and HR, so we'll add our legal strength and excellence to your business. Our bespoke, fixed cost employment law and HR support package will be tailored to your needs and budget.


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