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£48,000 Secured for Injuries to Child Pillion Passenger in a Motorcycle Accident

Lawyer Profile

Louisa Chambers secured £48,000 for a Child Pillion Passenger in a Motorcycle Accident

Louisa Chambers

Complex Injury Litigator

Type: Passenger injury, Road Traffic Accident
Total Injury Duration: Permanent Scarring; Temporary psychological injuries

Total Damages: £48,000

In August 2013, we supported a 12 year old boy in acquiring £48,000 in compensation, after he was seriously injured following a collision while riding as a pillion passenger on his grandfather's motorcycle.

His grandfather was fatally injured in the motorcycle accident and his insurer admitted liability for the claim.

In honour of confidentiality, our client will be referred to as Master C, and his story and resulting personal injury claim are documented in this case study.

How was Master C injured in the motorcycle accident?

In April 2009 Master C was riding on the back of his grandfather's motorcycle, when it crashed and caused serious damage to his left arm and both legs.

The collision left him unconscious and he was rushed to surgery directly from the scene of the accident.

His left arm was put in plaster and he had bilateral external fixators fitted to both thighs.

External fixators are often used in emergencies like this to provide temporary stabilisation to the limbs.

After five days in emergency care, Master C underwent surgery to remove the external fixators and have metal pins inserted into both femurs, which were both fractured in the accident.

Throughout those five days, Master C endured agonising pain and required constant emotional and physical support from his parents, who stayed with him for the two and a half weeks he was in hospital.

Femur Injury X-Ray
Photo by Phalinn Ooi via Creative Commons

What direct injuries did Master C suffer in the motorcycle accident?

All in all, his injuries consisted of two thigh fractures and a fracture in the left arm. He also endured a level of psychological damage - suffering from sleep disturbances, travel anxiety and low self-esteem.

He was left with permanent scarring to both thighs, as a result of the external brackets fitted in emergency care.

Three years later he required further surgery in order to attempt to remove nails. This further surgery was carried out privately and so incurred a cost which was recovered as part of the claim. Although one of the nails was successfully removed from his femur, the rest were lodged into place - putting Master C at even further risk of injury. The additional surgery also caused further scarring.

Did the motorbike injury have any lasting impacts on Master C's life?

When he was discharged from hospital, his parents were provided with a hospital bed to use at home - due to the fact Master C was at such high risk of causing further injury to himself, due to his incapacitation and also because he was unable to get upstairs to his bedroom.

In those first few months at home, it was impossible for Master C to reach the upstairs bathroom, and so he would use a commode and rely on his parents to strip-wash him.

His mobility improved by August 2009 and he was able to use crutches to get around the house. However he was completely dependent on a wheelchair when outside.

He returned to school on a part-time basis during September 2009 - prioritising his time for core subjects i.e. Maths, English and Science. He returned to full-time school hours before Christmas. His teachers stated that his progress in school did not suffer - thanks to his hard work and dedication.

Master C was not able to resume P.E. lessons or activity with his scout group.

How did Master C's motorbike compensation claim work out?

It varies how much compensation you'll receive for being knocked off a motorbike. And that variation is down to the specific details of the case.

With all of the above taken into account, our complex injury team were able to secure £48,000 for Master C from his grandfather's insurer.

Here's how that figure was broken down; the settlement was agreed at the rounded figure which is slightly more than the losses as listed:

  • Pain, suffering and loss of amenity: £30,000
  • Past cost of gratuitous care and assistance: £8,486
  • Past surgery costs: £7,122
  • Father's past loss of earnings: £1,156
  • Cost of future physiotherapy: £760
  • Future cost of additional driving lessons: £250
  • Cost of replacing damaged property: £50
  • Past travel expenses: £39

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