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Dismissal and Disciplinary Advice

The workplace can be a minefield of legal issues. Wherever you are, we can help you.

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Employers will need to follow a correct dismissal and disciplinary process called the Acas Code of Practice if they want to avoid a claim for unfair dismissal. Minor conduct issues can often be resolved informally between you and your employer.

The disciplinary process should be dealt with in a matter of weeks but there can be unforeseen delays due to you or a manager not being available. More complex or difficult cases (for example, where fraud or a criminal offence is alleged) will inevitably take longer.

I am facing a disciplinary investigation. Can you help me?

If you have been asked to attend a disciplinary investigation then we can help you respond and prepare to give you the best chance of getting the outcome you want. We know how stressful being involved in an investigation and disciplinary hearing can be - especially if you think you are not to blame and your job is on the line.

A record will be kept on your personnel file but informal warnings ought to be ignored if there is a formal disciplinary hearing for something different later on.

Disciplinary hearings

If the allegations are more serious, your employer may look to follow a formal disciplinary route and require you to attend a disciplinary hearing.

You have a general right to be accompanied at the disciplinary hearing by a work colleague or union official if you are a member. You should be given a reasonable amount of time to prepare.

After the meeting your employer should inform you in writing if action is to be taken. You have the right to appeal against any disciplinary action taken.

Overlapping of a grievance and disciplinary process

Where someone raises a grievance during a disciplinary process, the disciplinary may be temporarily suspended to deal with the grievance. Where the grievance and disciplinary cases are related, however, it may be appropriate to deal with both issues concurrently, and many employers opt for this to save time.

A dismissal will not necessarily be unfair if an employer does not put disciplinary proceedings on hold to deal with a grievance. Each case will depend on its particular facts and an employer will have to show that not suspending the disciplinary process to investigate a grievance was a fair and reasonable thing to do.

Unfair Dismissal

If your employer has not followed a correct process, you may have a claim for unfair dismissal.

Can I resign before I am dismissed?

Yes, you can. It is not uncommon to consider resigning when you are facing disciplinary allegations, but this is a very tactical situation and one that you should take legal advice on before you make any decision.

The benefits of resigning on the face of it are clear. You would be able to avoid having a dismissal on your personnel record, because you resigned first. However,such a knee jerk reaction could be seen to be evidence of your guilt. At the same time, it could weaken any subsequent employment tribunal claim you wish to make, and could also negatively affect your job reference.

Do you want help from our specialist team?

Time is of the essence. The sooner we are consulted the more time you will have to prepare your defence or negotiate an alternative course of action.

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Employment Tribunal Guidance

We can represent you during the Tribunal process and at all hearings as well as give you the support and guidance you will need.

Early Conciliation for a Fixed Fee

Early Conciliation Procedure

The Early Conciliation procedure will need to be followed by the vast majority who want to bring a claim to the Employment Tribunal.

Funding your advice and guidance

When obtaining disciplinary advice, there are a number of different funding methods available for our work.

Our legal advisors are on hand to help with any queries regarding the various funding arrangements that are available.

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