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Problems with your Pay

Your employer might not be paying you all the money you are entitled to - a bonus or commission payment may not have been made, some money may have been deducted from your salary without your authority or your wages may be less than you were expecting. You might also be owed notice pay or holiday pay.

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Wherever you are, we can help you recover the money you are owed as quickly and cheaply as possible.

My employer owes me money. What can I do?

If you are not able to persuade your employer to pay the money owed, you have the right to take them to an Employment Tribunal or County Court.

Not paying your wages when they are will usually be a breach of contract. If you continue not to be paid all you are owed then you will be entitled to take action. If you think your employer is in serious breach of your contract, you may have a case for constructive dismissal should you resign. You can find out more about constructive dismissal here.

You do not need to have left work to bring a claim for unpaid wages but the rules on what you can claim and how far your claim can backdated are complicated. The amount of time you have before you must issue your claim will differ depending on what you are claiming for, and whether your claim is in an Employment Tribunal or County Court.

Employment law has strict time limits. Good cases can be lost before they even start through hesitation or delay. In most cases you will have just three months from the date your employment ends to notify Acas of a potential claim for unfair dismissal. It is important you get in contact with us as soon as you possible so we can help before it is too late. Find out how we can help you with our fixed fee Acas Early Conciliation service here.

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Equal Pay

Equal Pay

The Equal Pay Act has been in force since 1970, yet every year, thousands of claims are made from both men and women.

Early Conciliation for a Fixed Fee

Early Conciliation Procedure

The Early Conciliation procedure will need to be followed by the vast majority who want to bring a claim to the Employment Tribunal.

Funding options for our advice

When obtaining problems with pay advice, there are a number of different funding methods available for our work.

Our legal advisors are on hand to help with any queries regarding the various funding arrangements that are available.

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