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Making a Claim

What is the most important thing? The obvious answer is probably to secure compensation. But really, the most important thing is you: making sure you're looked after, treated well, listened to and understood. We'll start now by taking you through the main stages of making a claim.

  • Talk to us
    You can call us on 08000 93 00 94 or you can complete an Online Claim Enquiry to get the ball rolling. When you contact us you'll get straight through to one of our team: a trained and supportive professional, experienced in personal injury claims and accident compensation.
  • Can you actually make a claim?
    We'll discuss what happened, ask you some questions and very quickly we'll be able to tell you if you will be able to make a claim.
  • No Win No Fee
    We'll tell you all about our no win no fee arrangements and how we may be able to recover our fees from the other side.
  • Your decision
    Some accident claim firms do seem to put a bit of pressure on. We don't and won't. We'll listen to what you tell us, tell you what we can do to help, answer your questions and leave you to decide what to do next.

You tell us to go ahead, what next?

  • Establish who's responsible
    Working with you, we'll establish who is responsible for what happened. We'll determine who their insurers are as in most cases it will be their insurer, and solicitors instructed by them, that will handle their side of your claim.
  • Gather evidence
    If needs be we will instruct investigators, contact witnesses and others to assist in this process and ensure your claim is supported by an appropriate body of evidence. If you have any evidence such as witness details, photographs or similar that will be a great help. It is also important that you keep any invoices and receipts for losses and expenses related to your claim.
  • List losses and explore future needs
    We'll establish a list of all of your immediate losses and damages. This will include the loss of items, such as a vehicle, and it will cover damage caused by an injury and any related treatment and medical care. If you require future and on-going treatment we will include that too.
  • Present your claim
    We will present your claim and all supporting evidence to the other side and we'll negotiate a settlement on your behalf.
  • Deal with challenges and pursue your claim in court
    If the other side do not accept liability, refuse to negotiate towards an acceptable settlement, or a settlement cannot be agreed, your claim may go to court. We will represent you during these proceedings. If a settlement cannot be reached a judge will decide the outcome.
  • Secure and provide your compensation
    Once your claim has been settled, either by negotiation with the other side, or by the decision of a judge, the other side will send us a cheque covering your damages and losses. We will have secured your compensation and we will forward that directly to you, in full.

Where Next?

Couple driving in a car

No Fault Claims

If you're looking to make a no fault claim we can help. We're expert in all manner of accident claims and personal injury claims.

Lifting a box in a warehouse

Back Injuries

While we deal with many back injury claims that involve severe and complex injury, as many or more back injury compensation claims centre around slipped discs, cracked vertebrae, muscle damage and similar injuries.

Making a personal injury claim can seem daunting. You're dealing with an injury and possibly facing financial worries and probably the last thing you want is the stress of working through a claim.

But don't worry, we're here to remove that stress, to make the claim process straightforward.

When contacting us you won't encounter any generic call centre scripts. When you speak to us for the first time you'll be talking to a friendly, trained and supportive advisor who's there to talk you through the claim process. We want you to take as long as you need to tell us exactly what happened and how we can help.

Once you've done that we'll consider your needs and assign an individual personal injury lawyer to your case. They'll have particular knowledge and experience of your type of injury and your lawyer will take responsibility for handling your claim. You'll be kept up to date throughout and you can contact them as often as you like.

What Next?
Online Injury Claim Enquiry

Claim Enquiry

Send through the details of your claim and we'll do the rest

Call a Personal Injury Lawyer

08000 93 00 94

Call an advisor to discuss the details of your claim

We will keep you informed and up-to-date throughout. We'll also provide you with direct contact points so that you can talk to the people working on your claim at any stage. An individual advisor, working as part of and leading a small team, will handle your claim. If your advisor is unavailable, another team member will assist you. You will always be able to talk to someone that can help.

We're ready to answer any questions you may have about personal injury compensation and we're ready to get things moving on your claim if that's what you decide to do, call us on 08000 93 00 94 or send our team an Online Claim Enquiry and let's start putting things right.


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We are a founder member of the Motor Accident Solicitors Society (MASS) and a recognised Investor in People.

A list of Law Society personal injury panel members is available on our Regulation page.


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