Early Conciliation for a Fixed Fee

As employment law specialists who work with ACAS conciliators every day, we remove the stress, confusion and risk by taking care of the Early Conciliation notification and negotiations on your behalf. We guide you through the process and ensure you achieve the best possible result.

The rules on what you have to do before you start a claim in an Employment Tribunal have changed. Deadlines and rules are complicated. Our straightforward fixed-fee service will make sure your claim is protected and gives you the best chance of success.

Nearly all employees who want to bring a claim will need to follow the "ACAS Early Conciliation" procedure before they go to Tribunal. Whilst this gives you the opportunity to settle your employment dispute and avoid the Tribunal - saving you time and expense it also presents many legal hazards that could critically damage your claim.

There have been many cases of legal challenges and good claims being struck out because the employee made a technical mistake when they first contacted ACAS, missed one of the many deadlines, or simply not followed the rules. Tribunals have no discretion to accept claims if you have not complied with the Early Conciliation for a Fixed Fee properly, and therefore you may easily be denied your chance for justice.

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How will the fixed-fee service benefit you?

As employment law specialists who work with ACAS conciliators every day, we remove the stress, confusion and risk by taking care of the Early Conciliation notification and negotiations on your behalf. We guide you through the process and ensure you achieve the best possible result.

Disputes at work can be very stressful: not only because of the complaint, but you may be wary about bringing a claim against your old employer. After losing your job you will probably be worried about paying the bills as well as the cost of a lawyer than working out what your legal options are. You will need help and support to bring or settle your claim as quickly, cheaply and with as little fuss as possible.

As specialist employment law solicitors we will start by reviewing your potential claim. Whilst we are on your side to carry out your instructions, our advice will be always be objective and easy to understand so you know what your options are.

We will do everything for you for an agreed fixed cost - however long it takes.

What will we do?

We will deal with the Early Conciliation on your behalf from start to finish. We will:

  • Explain what the conciliation process involves
  • Advise you on the value of your claim
  • Complete the ACAS notification process
  • Talk to the ACAS officer and conduct negotiations on your behalf
  • Complete all the documents needed to settle your dispute

This leaves you to focus on all the other important things in your life.

From start to finish you will get an honest and considered assessment of your potential claim. If it isn't in your interest to settle, we will tell you.

If you want to bring a claim in a Tribunal then you will be best placed to take the next step. We will already know all the details of your complaint.

Remember you must notify ACAS of a potential claim within three months of a discriminatory act, or within three months of your employment ending if you want to bring a claim for unfair dismissal or breach of contract.

How much does it cost?

Your legal costs will never be more than £300 plus VAT from start to finish - peace of mind that you will not be faced with a large legal bill at the end. We may be able to get your employer to make a contribution towards this cost.

How does ACAS Early Conciliation work?

We complete all the forms to notify ACAS on your behalf.

What happens when a settlement is reached?

We will make sure the settlement terms are watertight and properly protect you. We will check and explain everything: including any job references and make sure the agreement is properly completed ready for payment.

What happens if a settlement is not reached?

You don't have to settle if it is not in your interests. ACAS Early Conciliation normally gives you and your employer four weeks to reach an agreement (in some circumstances there can be a short extension).

If the parties do not want to settle then Early Conciliation comes to a quicker conclusion. Acas will issue us with an Early Conciliation certificate and you are then free to issue your claim in the Employment Tribunal. There is never a long wait if you want to start a claim. In most of our cases we reach a settlement within four weeks.

We will make sure you are clear on deadlines to bring a Tribunal claim, as ACAS does not provide this information.

Do I have to go through ACAS Early Conciliation?

Nearly always - yes. It has been compulsory to notify ACAS for the majority of claims you want to take to an Employment Tribunal (although there are some limited exceptions) since May 2014.

You do not have to try to negotiate with your employer if you would rather go straight to issuing a claim, however your claim will not be accepted by an Employment Tribunal without the Early Conciliation Completion Certificate from ACAS.

Do I need a solicitor to represent me?

You do not have to have to be legally represented during Early Conciliation but you avoid the hazards and have a better chance of getting the outcome you want with legally qualified experienced professionals who have a history of working with ACAS and Employment Tribunals.

As employment law specialists we have the experience to identify all your claims, how strong these are and what you might expect to win or settle for. We will fight to achieve the best possible outcome for you no matter how long it takes.

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