General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

What is GDPR?

In May 2018, the law relating to how businesses manage and handle data relating to customers and employees changes with the introduction of GDPR, a Regulation brought in by the European Union (EU). Regardless of the impact of Brexit, these changes will remain as the UK's legislation in relation to data protection.

The changes are being brought in to better protect an individual's data and encourage businesses to take positive steps to prevent such data being used for anything other than the reason the data was provided.

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Although on the face of it this may seem simple, and the May 2018 deadline may seem quite a way off, businesses need to be taking steps now to check what data they hold, where it is held, why it is held, and do they still need it. They then need to look at their processes to ensure that any data they receive in the future, is dealt with and managed in a manner that complies with GDPR.

Should there be a loss of data for which you can be blamed, then the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) who currently manage data protection have increased powers under GDPR to impose heavier sanctions than they have previously, including very expensive fines for the most serious breaches.

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At Spencers, we can work with you to ensure that you are ready for the introduction of GDPR in plenty of time, so that you can assess any impact it may have on your business, and that you have policies and procedures in place to ensure continued compliance with your obligations under the Regulations.

In addition, our HR and Employment Support team can work with you to ensure that all your employment policies are updated to take into account the impact of GDPR on your employment-related documents. Feel free to call and speak with our team on 08000 93 00 94 or if you prefer, fill out our online claim enquiry form.

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