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Accident at Work claims

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Accident at Work Compensation Claim

We're expert solicitors in work accident compensation claims. For us a claim for a workplace accident isn't just about securing compensation, it is also about offering as much support as we can to help you while your claim is being dealt with and you're on the road to recovery.

for no obligation advice on making a claim.

We deal with workplace accident compensation claims under a no win no fee agreement and we strive to maximise the damages that we recover for our clients.

Can I make a claim for accident at work compensation?

Your employer has a legal responsibility to provide a safe workplace, appropriate training and suitable safety equipment. If you've had an accident or injury at work it's possible your employer has failed in their duty. Below are some types of accidents at work which we can help with:

What can I claim for after an accident at work?

Suffering a workplace accident can put a significant and sometimes long term strain on your financial affairs. Therefore when negotiating how much compensation you deserve for your injury, as well as any other financial losses caused as a result, it is important we consider a number of additional factors that include:

Medical Treatment

Our role is to ensure that when you make a claim for a workplace accident, your compensation is awarded at a level that will cover all of your medical needs. Some injuries may require physiotherapy or other rehabilitation treatment in order to fully recover. Other accident at work claims can involve serious injury, even disablement which may require surgery, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, rehabilitation, ongoing drug treatment, home adaptation or the provision of specialist equipment.

As experienced work accident solicitors we work with medical professionals to understand the status and extent of your injuries, how they can be expected to develop and how and when they might be resolved.

Dealing with financial losses

Accident at work injuries lead to discomfort, suffering and can affect your quality of life: so it's only reasonable that you should be compensated.

  • Many of our clients find themselves off work for some time. We see it as a priority to establish financial stability for anyone making a work accident compensation claim. Where it's appropriate we may even be able to recover payments on account to tide you over whilst your claim is being processed.
  • If your injury is serious your claim may have to cover long-term support services, adaptation of your home and the cost of a suitable new vehicle.

To find out more about the type and extent of compensation you can claim for as part of your work accident claim, please visit our awards and settlements accident guide.

How long after an accident at work can I claim?

Generally you have three years from the date of the accident in which to issue legal proceedings with the court. However as investigating the accident circumstances and obtaining medical evidence can take several months, you should seek legal assistance as soon as possible. Our guide on how long do I have to make a claim for compensation provides further details on the time limits.

How long does a work accident claim take?

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has introduced a streamlined claim process for employer related accidents occurring after 31st July 2013. So a straightforward claim that runs through this process should ideally reach settlement in around nine months.

However many claims exit the MoJ process due to their complexity or the employer failing to admit liability (fault), which can then extend the length of time needed to reach comprehensive settlement. Our guide on how long injury claims take to settle provides additional detail on some of the other factors involved.

How do I make an accident at work claim?

If you would like to pursue a work accident compensation claim the first thing to do is contact us. You can call us on 08000 93 00 94 or send us an Online Claim Enquiry.

Our philosophy is simple: as specialist personal injury solicitors what we do above all else is look after you and your best interests, without fail, every step of the way.

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Accident at Work Compensation Award

No Win No Fee Claims

We deal with most accident at work cases under no win no fee, so if we don't win your case you won't pay for our legal work.

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Testimonial quote I was very pleased with the result of my claim, also very impressed with the manner in which the claim was dealt with. I would certainly recommend to anyone. Testimonial quote

Mr Halman, Somerset - Suffered a hand injury and fractures due to a machinery accident at work

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Is it okay to make a claim?

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, means it is your employers legal duty to ensure that you are working in a safe and secure workplace. And that is completely fair. You deserve the right to go to work each day without the worry of being injured, or if you are injured, you will not have to worry about the financial wellbeing of yourself, in the case you find yourself out of work.

Since this law was introduced casualties and fatalities in the workplace have dropped significantly. Fatalities have dropped by 83% and casualties by 77%.

Open quote To me it seems reasonable that if an employee goes to work and uses work equipment provided to them by their employer and they are injured due to a fault or malfunction, any loss arising should fall on the employer rather than the employee. Close quote

Spencers specialist team for accident at work claims.

HSE fatal injury at work graph

Source: HSE Fatal injury statistics Summary for 2013/14

The work injury compensation paid out to you, will come from your employers insurance. Your employer takes out insurance in the unfortunate case that an accident may happen, and therefore your compensation will not be taken from the company’s profits.

We want to help you overcome any financial difficulties you face, whether linked directly or indirectly to your accident by helping you make a successful workplace accident compensation claim.

Call us today on 08000 93 00 94 to discuss your claim with one of our advisors, or complete an Online Claim Enquiry and we'll call you back. If you're worried about legal fees, don't be. Claims are normally dealt with under a no win no fee arrangement, so if your claim doesn't succeed you won't pay for our work.


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