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Military Injury Compensation Claim

Serving in the armed forces is by definition a dangerous and hazardous occupation. In signing up for military service, recruits appreciate and accept these risks.

Whilst there are inherent risks in military service, particularly when in an active combat situation, this does not mean that there are no safeguards or measures that can and should be taken to protect personnel.

about making an armed forces injury claim

Who is to blame for an injury in the Armed Forces?

Given the risk of injury within the role, it is important that the Ministry of Defence (MOD) does everything possible to reduce this risk to a minimum.

These obligations include such requirements as providing adequate kit and equipment, ensuring military exercises are adequately planned and that personnel are adequately trained.

Whether serving in active combat or not, it is incumbent upon the MOD to make the working environment as safe as practicably possible. Despite this duty of care owed to military personnel, accidents can and do happen and often the consequence of these are serious and life altering.

Armed Forces Injury Claims

Examples of common types of injuries suffered by military personnel include:

Making a Military Compensation Claim

As well as pursuing a civil claim, military claims may also be submitted under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme. This is a specific scheme set up to compensate military personnel injured within the course of their service.

Spencers Solicitors are personal injury specialists and are able to quickly assess if the circumstances of a military accident is likely to amount to negligence or relevant breach of duty and result in a claim against the ministry of defence.

Hearing Loss in the Military

If you have experienced deafness or hearing loss as a result of being in the armed forces, then we can help you make a claim.

Hearing loss can occur when noisy equipment such as guns, explosives or machinery is used without the correct ear protection. This can cause severe damage to your ears, resulting in result in partial hearing loss or even deafness. For further detail on the different type of hearing problems and compensation available, please see our noise induced hearing loss page.

Chemical or Asbestos Exposure

Industrial diseases can occur from exposure to harmful chemicals, radiation or other substances such as asbestos. Chemical exposure in the military is often severe and may only be diagnosed later in life.

But due to the Crown Proceedings (Armed Forces) Act 1987, any member of the Army, Navy or RAF; that has been injured or even exposed to asbestos or other harmful substances during their service after the 15th May 1987 can make a personal injury claim.

Armed Forces Hypothermia and cold injuries

There are many types of cold injuries such as Hypothermia and Freezing Cold Injury (this includes frost bite) which can be caused by the weather conditions of your employment.

Non-freezing cold injury, formerly known as 'trench foot' can occur when tissue fluids do not freeze, but are in an environment in which temperatures are low, but are not low enough for freezing. Upon re-warming there can be a short period of paleness followed by redness with swelling and pain.

If you have been diagnosed with a cold injury due to your working conditions, then you may be able to make a claim.

Poor Medical Treatment in the Military

When serving in the armed forces you may have received medical treatment. While this may have been at a military hospital, the care you received should still be at a standard comparable with other of medical practitioner. If however this treatment was delayed, misdiagnosed or inadequate you may be able to make a claim for medical negligence compensation.

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If you're worried about having to pay legal fees if you lose, don't be. Military injury claims are normally dealt with under our no win no fee arrangement.

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No Win No Fee

A No Win No Fee claims are simple, if we don't win your military claim we won't ask you to pay for our work.

Following a Supreme Court ruling, a landmark judgment has been issued that families of soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan can now pursue a claim against the Ministry of Defence.

From this ruling and as experienced personal injury solicitors, we can help you and your family gain the maximum injury compensation award you deserve.

The injuries that can occur from accidents whist serving within the Army, RAF or Navy can leave lasting effects on the sufferer and their day to day life both physically and mentally.

With that in mind, we're keen to help you make a successful military injury claim and we firmly believe that talking to us will be the first step in securing the compensation you deserve.

If you would like to pursue a military accident claim the first thing to do is contact us. It's free and you're not committed to anything. You can call us on 08000 93 00 94 or send us an Online Claim Enquiry.

Our philosophy when it comes to military accidents is straight forward: as specialist personal injury solicitors what we do above all else is look after you and your best interests, without fail, every step of the way.

Below are some useful websites that may help with people who have suffered a military injury:


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