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Brain injury claims

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Brain Injury Compensation Claims

A brain injury can be medically and emotionally demanding for an individual or family to deal with. At Spencers Solicitors we establish an understanding of the difficulties facing the injured person, their family and secure a level of compensation to provide the best medical care, rehabilitation and support for as long as is needed.

for no obligation advice on making a claim.

The effects of a brain injury can vary greatly. Even a fairly minor head injury can cause long lasting symptoms such as headaches, vision problems and dizziness. More serious brain injuries can cause permanent disability.

We are experts in securing compensation for clients who have suffered traumatic brain injuries to pay for rehabilitation, adaptations to their home, the cost of care and support, loss of earnings and the cost of therapies.

Experienced Brain Injury Compensation Solicitors

Spencers Solicitors are a Headway accredited law firm and an approved brain injury specialist, so you can have complete confidence in our ability to address all your compensation needs and circumstances.

In most brain injury claims we will arrange home visits to allow our solicitors to fully understand the circumstances of the injury in the most convenient setting for the injured person.

We'll work with medical professionals to meticulously define the status of the brain injury and what the long term prognosis will be. Arranging a rehabilitation and immediate needs assessment will be one of the first things we do. From here we will establish any immediate and ongoing medical needs and create a comprehensive claim that covers the cost of all current and future treatment and care.

Claiming Compensation for a Brain Injury

We don't see compensation as the be all and end all:

  • Our brain injury solicitors become part of the recovery team.
  • We keep a close eye on progress and appoint an expert brain injury team that will develop a unique understanding of the impact on the injured person.
  • We utilise our links with numerous care and rehabilitation organisations to aid recovery and provide support to the injured person and their families.
  • This level of involvement and care is the reason major charities trust us with their brain injury cases.
  • We always deal with the two most important aspects of brain injury compensation: we seek payment for all past and future financial losses.

Getting well can take a long time, but we are there to help all the way. We'll be proactive and we'll help reach a legal conclusion as quickly as possible. And we can handle the claim under a no win no fee arrangement.

Advice on making a Brain Injury Claim

Call us on 08000 93 00 94 to discuss your injury and circumstances with one of our personal injury specialists for no obligation advice. Or complete an Online Claim Enquiry Form and we'll call you back when convenient.

Where Next?

Making a Brain Injury Claim

Making a Claim

Coming to terms with a brain injury is a worrying time and probably the last thing you want is the stress of working through a claim. We're here to remove that stress, to make the claim process straightforward.

Working with Brain Injury Solicitors

Why Choose Spencers Solicitors?

You'll find that we're honest and straight talking. We're not going to confuse you with legal speak. We'll use plain language and if there's ever anything you don't understand just say so.


Headway is a charity set up to give help and support to people affected by brain injury.

Spencers Solicitors are a Headway accredited law firm and are an approved brain injury specialist.

Visit www.headway.org.uk for more information.

Headway accredited law firm

We're innovative and leading Personal Injury Solicitors because we are very good at what we do. We're no strangers to complex brain injury cases. Our severe injury department is home to an experienced and talented team of solicitors who are among the best in the country.

We've helped thousands of clients through severe injury claims with great success and we're ready to help you.

Having decided to pursue a brain injury claim the first thing to do is contact us, there's no obligation and you're not committed to anything.

You can call us on 08000 93 00 94 to discuss further or arrange a no obligation meeting with one of our specialist brain injury Solicitors. Alternatively complete our Online Claim Enquiry Form and we'll call you back. Let's put things right, let's start now...


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A list of Law Society personal injury solicitor panel members is viewable on our Regulation page.


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