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Horse Riding Accident Claim

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Horse Riding Accident Claims

Horse riding is a very popular activity, with more than a million people in the UK regularly enjoying the activity. With the UK’s Pony Club being the largest equestrian organisation for young people in the world, that number will soon reflect a new generation of riders donning hard hats and eventing, racing, playing polo, show jumping, or just admiring the countryside on horseback.

Horse riding is a risky sport and while that risk is usually adequately managed by instructors, riding schools, and riders themselves, there are occasions when serious accidents can happen which lead to personal injury , sadly often suffering life changing injury such as spinal or brain injury.

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Types of Horse Riding Accident Claims

Not all horse riding accidents have someone at fault. Riding at speed on an animal that can think and act for itself lends riding an aspect of unpredictability that other sports don’t have. However, if you have been the victim of a horse riding injury either when you were riding a horse for pleasure or working with them in your job, and you weren’t at fault, then you may be able to claim damages.

A typical horse riding accident can be limited to a simple fracture, however given the nature of the sport, brain and spinal injuries are also reasonably common. Around ten people die every year as the result of a horse riding injury, so you can appreciate the severity of injuries people suffer.

Horse riding accidents can be caused by:

  • Defective or ill-fitting equipment
  • Riding on an unsuitable surface
  • Giving a rider a horse which does not suit their experience
  • Poorly organised hacks with inadequate leadership and supervision
  • Road traffic accidents involving horses, including irresponsible driving or riders not being given correct safety and visibility clothing
  • Insufficient checking of saddle and girth causing them to loosen and the rider to fall
  • Kicks from a horse, or being crushed by them.

If you have been injured in a horse riding accident, which could have been avoided, you may be entitled to seek compensation.

Making a claim for a Horse Riding Injury

The sooner you seek legal advice after your horse riding injury, the easier making your claim will be. Expert legal firms like Spencers Solicitors offer a free, no-obligation consultation to help ascertain whether negligence or breach of statutory duty caused your injury and the best way for you to proceed if you decide you want to claim damages.

We will investigate the circumstances surrounding your injury and treatment, obtaining the evidence to prove someone else caused your accident and that you have suffered unnecessarily as the result.

It is important to choose a solicitor who has extensive experience in handling personal injury compensation claims. Within Spencers’ Complex Injury Team, there is extensive experience of horses and equestrianism which can help distinguish between an accident as opposed to a claim which is likely to succeed as we will know how to obtain the best outcome for you.

Compensation should cover the cost of any expenses you have incurred so far, including loss of earnings, as well as address any future financial needs your injury has created such as corrective surgery, privately funded physiotherapy or nursing care, or adaptations to your home to assist with limited mobility.

Spencers Solicitors have a proven track record with claims where riders have been injured due to the wrongful actions of others and have achieved successful outcomes on cases that other Solicitors have refused to accept under ‘no win no fee’ agreements.

There are statutory time limits for lodging your personal injury claim with a court, and with investigation and negotiation taking several months, it is better not to delay but to contact an expert personal injury firm, like Spencers Solicitors, today.

To discuss your claim with one of our advisors, call us direct on 08000 93 00 94, or complete an Online Claim Enquiry and we'll call you back. If you're worried about legal fees, don't be. Horse riding accident claims are normally dealt with under a no win no fee arrangement, so if your claim doesn't succeed you won't pay for our work.

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Horse Injury Statistics

It's estimated that there are more than 4,000 horse related accidents every year and the British Horse Society believes that road accidents that involve horses are significantly under reported.

Maybe you have been exposed to dangerous horses at stables, a livery yard or riding school?

Perhaps your weren't given the correct training or equipment to handle a horse?

Maybe you have suffered an injury due to an unsafe or incorrectly managed riding environment?

If any of these scenarios apply to you, then you may to claim injury compensation.

If you're ready to make a horse riding injury compensation claim the first thing to do is contact us. You can either call us on 08000 93 00 94 or send us an enquiry online and we'll call you back when convenient.


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