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Motorbike Accident Claims

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Motorbike Accident Compensation Claims

Are you looking for personal injury compensation from solicitors who are specialists in motorbike accident claims? If so, we can help.

We have successfully secured compensation for thousands of satisfied clients, and strive to maximise the damages that we recover for your injuries and losses following a motorcycle accident that wasn't your fault.

for no obligation advice on making a claim.

Specialists in Motorbike Accident Compensation

Our specialist motorbike solicitors handle a wide variety of motorcycle accident claims each year and they know what is important to bikers.

Through our experience and listening closely to our valued clients we have three priorities when dealing with your injury claim:

  • The Practicalities
    We know that recovering your bike, getting swift and good motorcycle repairs, or a replacement bike (of just the right make and model) are likely to be as high on your list as your own well-being. Many insurers try to exclude essential kit such as leathers and helmets from motorbike accident claims - we don't. When you make a motorbike accident claim we'll make sure all these matters are taken care of.
  • The Physical Considerations
    We work with medical professionals to carefully define the status of your injury, how it can be expected to develop, how it might be resolved and, if it can't be resolved, what the long-term prognosis will be. From here we will establish your immediate and on-going medical needs. Whatever degree of physical injury has been suffered by you, or a loved one; our role is to ensure that when you make a claim after your motorbike accident, compensation is awarded at a level that will cover all of your physical and medical needs.
  • The Financial Considerations
    Funding medical treatment can be very expensive, your motorbike accident compensation may have to cover the cost of life-long treatment or support services. We see it as critical to ensure that, no matter what you face, you and your family maintain a suitable level of financial stability. Where it's appropriate we may even be able to recover payments on account to tide you over while your claim is being processed.

How long does it take to settle a motorcycle claim?

Whilst each personal injury case is unique, a general settlement timeframe for a motorcycle claim is between 6-9 months, where liability (fault) is admitted by the other side and recovery from the injuries is expected within a reasonable amount of time.

However motorcycle accidents can result in some very serious injuries for the rider. So a settlement timeframe of two years or more is also not uncommon if an accurate assessment of long term needs is required to reach a suitable level of compensation.

Contact Motorcycle Accident Solicitors

If you or a loved one, have been injured in a motorbike accident, and are thinking of pursuing a motorbike accident claim the first thing to do is contact us. It's free and you're not obligated to do anything. You'll get straight to one of our team: a trained and supportive professional, experienced in personal injury claims and motorcycle accident compensation. By listening carefully to you they will be able to identify and assign the motorcycle accident solicitor best suited to meeting your needs.

We're keen to help you make a successful motorcycle accident claim and firmly believe that talking to us will be the first step in securing the motorbike compensation, and the reparation, you deserve.

Call us today on 08000 93 00 94 or Enquire Online for advice on whether you are able to make a motorcycle accident claim.

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Who will handle your motorbike accident compensation claim?

Who Will Handle Your Case?

Along with our expert motorbike lawyers, we have specialists in all areas of personal injury cases including highly complex injury lawyers dealing with the most serious of injuries.

Lawyers giving No Win No Fee advice

No Win No Fee Motorcycle Claims

No win no fee claim in a nutshell... No win no fee claim means just what it says: if we don't win your motorbike accident compensation claim we won't ask you to pay for our work.

Client Testimonial

Testimonial quote As it was an uninsured driver that caused the accident I didn't think I stood a chance of claiming. But thanks to Spencers Solicitors and their drive, I am very happy with their service and outcome. Testimonial quote

Mr Lavin, Leeds - Suffered various broken bones & shoulder injuries in a motorcycle accident

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If you're ready to make a motorcycle compensation claim you need to contact us. It's free and you're not committed to anything.

Tell us about the motorbike accident and what sort of outcome you seek. We'll help you establish whether you'll be able to make a successful motorcycle accident compensation claim.

We'll answer any questions you have about the claim process, give you any immediate advice we can, tell you about our no win no fee arrangements for motorcycle claims and suggest a way forward.

Experienced in Serious Motorcycle Accidents

Recently we helped a client injuried in a motorcycle accident secure £48,000 in compensation after he suffered thigh and arm fractures along with psychological damage. Our complex injury lawyers ensured his compensation package covered the injuries he sustained as well as the cost of surgery, physiotherapy and gratuitous care from his family.


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Spencers Solicitors are also members of the Motor Accident Solicitors Society (MASS) which promotes only the highest standard of legal services for victims of road traffic accidents.

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