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  Sarah Wright    
  December 7, 2018

SEPSIS - The common but little known killer

Sepsis deaths recorded in England’s hospitals have risen by more than a third in 2 years, according to data collected by a leading safety expert. Sepsis is a stark term that the general public may be familiar with, but it is often not fully understood. [More]

  Mary Kay    
  November 30, 2018

Delay in Diagnosis of Cancer

Receiving a cancer diagnosis for yourself or for a family member or close friend can be devastating; particularly if the disease is at an advanced stage or has spread into different parts of the body. [More]

  Rachel Brown    
  November 19, 2018

Are motorcyclists or car drivers to blame?

All too often we hear about fatal motorcycle accidents and reckless riding. This can create an unfair perception that all motorcyclists ride dangerously and without any consideration for others. [More]

  Helen Reynolds    
  November 9, 2018

Accidental Awareness

Accidental awareness is one of the most feared complications of general anaesthesia for both patients and anaesthetists. Accidental awareness occurs when the patient becomes conscious during a general anaesthetic and can remember things that happened. It is rare, but can be very distressing. [More]

  Stephanie Robinson    
  October 26, 2018

"Remember, remember the fifth of November..."

With bonfire night just around the corner people are starting to plan where or how they will be celebrating this year. Maybe you have been invited to a house party or plan on going to a public event, either way, whilst fireworks are a wonderful way to celebrate this special occasion, fireworks pose certain risks, and safety procedures naturally need to be followed to ensure a fun, safe and memorable night. [More]

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