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  Karen Cawood    
  September 13, 2019

The Importance of World Sepsis Day

Friday 13th 2019 is Word Sepsis Day. Throughout the world there will be events such as photo exhibit [More]

  Carol Peach    
  September 6, 2019

Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) – ‘Same roof rule’ - victims of domestic abuse and violent crime.

Spencers Solicitors welcome the introduction of new legislation (June 2019) which will assist the victims of violent crime and domestic abuse. [More]

  Spencers Solicitors    
  August 30, 2019

Cycling Accident v Pedestrian Accident – The Curious Case of Split Liability

If we were to ask whether you had heard of the court case of Brushett v Hazeldean, your answer would probably be ‘no’. If, however, we were to ask if you knew anything about the case where an uninsured cyclist had been ordered to pay a large sum of compensation and legal costs after he collided with a pedestrian who had been looking at her phone as she crossed the road, we would guess that many of you would respond along the lines of, ‘Oh that one, yes’. [More]

  Helen Reynolds    
  August 23, 2019

NHS Patient Awarded Compensation of up to £10.5 Million

A mental health patient who had been admitted to Hospital after self-harming has been awarded compensation which may eventually rise to £10.5 million following a High Court hearing. [More]

  Hannah Riley    
  August 23, 2019

Holiday pay calculation for permanent zero-hour contract workers

The law on how to calculate holiday pay continues to develop especially with different types of working arrangements becoming increasingly popular. [More]

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