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  Martyn Gilbert    
  October 5, 2012

The scandal of spam text messaging: Insight from Spencers Solicitors

Data in a new infographic we've complied reveals the true scale of the scandal of spam text messaging in the UK.  Including:

• An estimated 20 million mobile users in the UK have been targeted with unwanted spam text messaging (known as "smishing", a combination of SMS and 'phishing'), with many receiving multiple texts. 
• Spam text is much more than just an annoyance. An estimated 1.4 million responses from users are being sold on by Claims Management Companies for millions of pounds to unscrupulous law firms. 
• An estimated 33% of unwanted texts are about accident compensation, 32% about PPI claims, 22% on instant loans and 5% debt management.
• To cap it all, people are then thoroughly confused about who to complain to about text spamming with 46% having no idea who to report it to - only 30,000 complaints about SMS spam were made to the regulator (Information Commissioner's Office) in the last six months.
These are just some of the shocking statistics set out and explained in our infographic looking at the murky world of spam texting.
While it's great to see the Information Commissioner's Office recently issuing six-figure fines to spammers, there is a long way to go to end the scandal of unwanted, and potentially fraudulent, text messaging. It goes beyond just being annoying when millions of pounds are being made out of this illegal practice.
The forgotten victims are those who genuinely have a case for compensation but are automatically marshalled into a fraudulent category along with those who are pursuing frivolous claims drummed up by spam marketing.
People with genuine problems requiring legal advice should completely ignore spam texting and seek out a reputable solicitor who can help them pursue their case for real justice.
Our Director John Spencer has also long campaigned against the unscrupulous industry that has grown up around text messaging and other potentially fraudulent activity (see his SMS blog from 2011).
The Trouble With Spam Text Messages.

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