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  Samantha Handley    
  March 30, 2017

#PurpleDay - (50 Shades of Purple) Fundraiser

If you have read my previous blogs on Epilepsy you will know that I organised a Purple Day on 24 March 2017 to raise money for Epilepsy Action.

Purple Day - Supporting Epilepsy Around The World

There was more purple in the office than you could shake a one-eyed, one-horned, flying, purple people eater at. There were purple tops, purple jumpers and dresses, purple scarves, purple nails, purple eye shadow, purple hair..... even a pair of purple pants!!!! I am really happy that so many of my colleagues got into the spirit of Purple Day. They selflessly munched their way through cakes and put their heads together to complete the Purple Quiz I concocted (there were numerous complaints about it being too difficult). The head scratching was worth it though as the winner received a purple prize box filled with lots of purple goodies.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable day and my colleagues were so generous that as a result, we will be donating £100.00. The money will be sent to Epilepsy Action and will be used to help them give expert advice to those with epilepsy, help towards reducing isolation and improve public attitudes, it will help to influence decision makers, enable vital research and support professionals.

• £6.00 could help experts support someone newly diagnosed with epilepsy by providing advice and information when they need it most

• £25.00 could help campaign to protect existing epilepsy specialist nurses from NHS cuts

• £50.00 could fund a six month supply of up-to-date information booklets and leaflets needed by an epilepsy specialist nurse for their patients

• £180.00 could fund an awareness session at a school, work place or care home by a specially trained volunteer

• £250.00 could help fund brand new research, such as a long-term clinical study by a research centre of excellence

Epilepsy Action provides vital support and expert advice, raises awareness and fights for a better deal for people with epilepsy. I always say to my little boy that small deeds performed often help to make the world a better place. I hope that many of you reading this will agree and I want to tell you that there are many ways you could get involved and help Epilepsy Action to continue the amazing work they do.

Purple Day Collage

You could give money in memory of a loved one or as part of a celebration, you could raise money with work colleagues or friends like I have with a coffee morning or a sponsored event, you could join Epilepsy Action’s weekly lottery, you could fill a small box or jar with loose change and donate it once it’s full, you could recycle unwanted items such as inkjet cartridges, stamps, coins or notes even cars (full details can be found on Epilepsy Actions website, or you could buy merchandise from the Epilepsy Action online shop.

Epilepsy Action receives almost no government funding and so relies on donations from people like me and you to provide the amazing services to people with epilepsy. £9.00 out of every £10.00 needed is received through donations. And even small amounts make a big difference.

Single donations

• £12.00 will help people get the advice they need to begin taking control of their epilepsy

• £25.00 will help more people to find the support they need near them

• £37.00 will help raise awareness so more people with epilepsy can feel safer in public

Regular donations

• £3.00 a month will help set up more support groups across the UK

• £8.00 a month will help people get expert advice and the confidence to push for better care and treatment

• £12.00 a month will help fund work to make sure more people understand the challenges of living with epilepsy and know what to do to help

I really hope that I have inspired you to get together with friends and family to raise money for this amazing charity. But if this is not possible for you right now for whatever reason I ask that you talk about epilepsy. The condition itself, the symptoms to look out for, how help can be obtained, what to do if you see someone having a seizure, the work of Epilepsy Action. My previous blogs have lots of information which can be found here #PurpleDay - Raising Awareness for Epilepsy & #PurpleDay - Identifying Types of Epilepsy and the Epilepsy Action website is full of helpful advice and stories from people with epilepsy.

If you talk about epilepsy it will not be so daunting for those who suffer, they will be able to talk freely about their condition and the affect it has on their life. The person you are talking to may be able to donate or will speak to others they know who could go on to help. It’s called a chain reaction and by working together we can all help to make a difference and bring epilepsy out of the shadows, which is what Purple Day is all about.

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