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  Sarah Topham    
  May 10, 2017

Brain Injury Awareness – Getting the right help

The 8th – 14th of May 2017 is a week dedicated to Brain Injury Awareness. There are different types of acquired brain injuries including a traumatic brain injury (TBI) which is a brain injury caused by a trauma to the head, for example in a road traffic accident or fall.

Action for Brain Injury Week

Brain injuries are often misunderstood by many. Having the right treatment, help and education available for sufferers as well as family and friends is vital to enable sufferers to adapt and move get on with their lives.

The effects of a TBI can vary greatly depending on the severity, location and type of injury.

We have recently settled a claim for a client who suffered a TBI following a road traffic accident. As a result of the brain injury he suffered many symptoms including low mood, anxiety and loss of self confidence, forgetfulness, difficulty in keeping to the point, compulsive checking, insomnia and fatigue, unsteadiness and giddiness.

I work within the Serious Injury Team at Spencers Solicitors. Part of our role as representatives for clients is to ensure that we send them to see the correct type of medical expert and seek the correct treatment to assist recovery. For this particular client, we arranged for him to see a neurologist and were able to arrange neuropsychological treatment.

The client was very determined and a couple of months post-accident returned to work on a part time basis and then gradually back to full time. He had very understanding employers and returned to his busy and demanding role in which he was highly valued. He tried to maintain his working life and tried to overcome his struggles despite the dramatic effects of his TBI by using techniques he had learnt at therapy.

The client was able to successfully implement the techniques he learnt at therapy within his home and work life throughout the course and afterwards; he was better able to recognise difficulties as they arose and manage them, he used anxiety, confidence and memory strategies, he prioritised his work and set reminders for himself and having daily routines and coping strategies also helped with his anxiety. All of the techniques he learnt at the therapy sessions helped him to return to a life as ‘normal’ as possible.

Headway has a mission to promote understanding of all aspects of brain injury and provide information, support and services to survivors, their families and carers.

Headway North Derbyshire is our local branch of Headway to support those of all ages from Chesterfield and North Derbyshire.

We are holding a cake and coffee morning on Friday 12th of May to raise money for Headway North Derbyshire who is dedicated in supporting brain injury sufferers and their families. Please feel free to come along to our office and join in.

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