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  Dominic O'Neil    
  December 19, 2017

Winter, It’s Snow Joke…

Chiniophobia: A Fear of Snow, Cold & Severe Weather.

The Snow is falling, all around us and children are playing, having fun. That said, for many people this can be a season of dread as much as it is of love and understanding. It is instead a season of escalating heating bills, extended daily commutes and colds.

Unfortunately the weather isn’t something any of us can control and all we can do is be as prepared as we can....

Home may be where the heart is, but it is also where the heat is. The average temperate for a home to be heated to is between 18° and 21°. Whatever temperature suits you, make sure that the thermostat is being set wisely. A number of modern boilers utilise a wireless thermostat that allows the owner to move it around the home, when doing so ensure that is being placed somewhere suitable (i.e. not near a draught) to avoid unnecessary energy and money wastage. Hint: if you find yourself having to open a window or remove clothing, it is time to re-evaluate.

Cars covered in snow

Wear layers and close doors. Don’t be afraid to don that cardigan or ugly sweater from Nan, and if a room is not being used as my mother would say, “put the wood in the hole”.

Layers are also important when going out; choose multiple thin layers over wearing a few thick ones, this allows you to remove them as necessary. Wear appropriate socks and footwear; choose a good thick winter sock rather than layering thin ones. Put the trainers away and depending on the weather, opt for walking boots/shoes and wellies. These are both ideal if the weather has taken a turn for the snowy/icy. And as for walking in those conditions, it is recommended to imitate the humble penguin by taking short, flat footed steps and spreading your body weight to help avoid a possible slip.

Choose a good quality coat and in this instance, the thicker the better. If you are wearing your multiple thin layers, this means that should you get a little too toasty; you have something that you can remove without compromising staying warm enough. Twin this with a hat and gloves if the weather dictates the need. Although it may have been debunked some years ago that most heat is lost from the head, it is a fact that any exposed area of the body will expel heat. So if there is an item of clothing for it, cover it up.

Although you are now kitted out for braving whatever the elements throw at you, if the weather is of the inclement variety, it is always prudent to assess whether you actually have a need to do so. If your need to go out is food based due to unsavoury weather, it is worth remembering that you can always be ahead of the game with the knowledge that a large number of kitchen staples can be frozen for just such emergencies. So if you have the room, you can store away a pint of milk, loaf of bread, cheese and even fruit to combine with whatever tins and dry store cupboard basics (i.e. pasta) that you may have knocking about.

If the trip out is unavoidable, before jumping in the car and braving the roads and ensuing icy conditions, can your destination be reached by other methods such as Public Transport? If not, it goes without saying that you should always ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy and winter ready by checking tyre pressure/treads and fluid levels. Twin this with being stocked up on the basic year round and winter essentials:

  • A fully charged mobile phone and method of recharging.
  • First aid kit and basic medications
  • A roadmap (don’t rely solely on your phone or sat nav)
  • Ice scraper
  • Blanket
  • Shovel
  • Torch/batteries
  • And finally, some snacks.

Winter can be a magical season and you can start by staying safe, keeping warm and eating well. If you’re still not convinced, choose hibernation instead and we’ll see you in Spring.

About the Author

Dominic O'Neil is an Accounts Assistant within our Accounts Team.

Dominic, who has worked for the business since August 2002, originally started his tenure as an Admin Assistant before changing direction and joining the Accounts Department. As an Accounts Assistant, Dominic provides day to day support to all our teams and is responsible for processing daily accounts transactions in addition to other varied duties.

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