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  Laura Reaney    
  November 15, 2019

Mobile phone users……. driving me mad

Road Safety Week 2019

This is a subject I have blogged about before. It's something I feel very passionately about. Generally, I try not to let things in life get on top of me, but this is certainly something that angers me.

During the summer my family and I set off down to Devon for a holiday. It's a long journey for us, most of which is on the motorway. The traffic was fairly busy with lots of other holiday makers heading down to Cornwall and Devon. We were travelling in the middle lane of the M5, I glanced over to my left and noticed and the driver of the vehicle next to me was using his mobile phone. He kept glancing up and down from his phone to the road, clearly not concentrating. Suddenly I noticed his car veer over into our lane. There was panic on his face. I watched him throw his phone into the front passenger seat and put both hands back on the steering wheel as he realised, he'd nearly caused an accident. I felt this rush of anger towards this man as he could have caused a serious accident. What on earth does it take for drivers to realise how dangerous or even fatal using your phone whilst driving could be?

I recently read a news article about a lorry driver, Raymond Hogg was sentenced to just over 4 years in prison with a 5-year driving ban after his release. In April 2018 he caused a fatal accident whilst using his mobile phone behind the wheel. He crashed into a stationary car killing 43 year old Amanda Snowling. Hogg had been travelling at 50mph. He was so distracted by his phone that he failed to spot queuing traffic up ahead. Dash-cam footage showed traffic was visible 14 seconds from the cab of his lorry before it ploughed into Mrs Snowling's car. Police investigations found that Hogg's mobile phone had been in almost continuous use for 20 minutes before the collision. There was no evidence that he had even applied his brakes as he approached the queue of traffic.

How could someone who has been a professional driver for 40 years could do something so reckless? His actions have devasted an entire family.

Road safety week runs from November 18th to November 24th. The week organised by the road safety charity "Brake" is an annual event and the biggest road safety awareness week in the UK. The event is aimed at reaching as many people across the nation to remind them of road safety, thus prevent accidents.

What happened to Mrs Snowling just shows how drivers can be distracted by using a mobile phone wheel can do. Don’t make the same mistake.

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