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  Lynn Collins    
  February 24, 2022

COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted - what's next?

With the latest announcements and lifting of restrictions being implemented today, what implications does this have on the workplace? Although this is generally felt to be a positive indication that things are under control. there is still a lot of uncertainty about how best to ensure that employees are protected with little or no expectations in place from a legal perspective anymore…


What if anything are you intending to keep in place to exercise any precaution?

With the ceasing of SSP from day 1 for COVID, and with no expectation for people to tell their employers is this likely to result in people being forced to work whilst carrying the virus? It would be good to hear what employers are doing and have in place to aid this transition.

A summary of the changes is provided below:

From today, 24 February 2022:

  • The legal requirement to self-isolate upon a positive test will be removed
  • However, until 1 April 2022, those testing positive are advised to stay at home for 5 days
  • Covid SSP rules will remain in place until 24 March 2022. From that date, pre-pandemic SSP rules will apply. This means that SSP will no longer be payable from day 1 for Covid related absence
  • The legal requirement for workers to inform their employer that they are required to self-isolate will be removed.

Changes in legislation

  • The Government intends to expire all temporary provisions of the Coronavirus Act.
  • Of the original 40, 20 have already expired, 16 will expire on 24 March, and the last four, relating to innovations in public service, will expire six months later, after those improvements have been made permanent via other means.

Get in touch if you have any questions around the legal implications of the way forwards or just want to sound us out on best practice.

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