£750,000 Compensation for Van Driver involved in Serious Road Accident

To preserve client confidentiality, our client will be referred to as Mr C, and his story is documented in this case study.

Circumstances of the road accident

Mr C, a male aged 49 at the date of the accident was travelling in his van, then without warning the Defendant pulled out in front of Mr C's van causing a collision. The accident was caused solely by the negligence of the Defendant.

Injuries sustained in the collision

Following the initial incident emergency services attended the scene and transported Mr C on a spinal board to casualty. On impact with the vehicles Mr C was knocked unconscious and then fitted whilst still in the van. When Mr C arrived in hospital, there was a period of post-traumatic amnesia which lasted for a number of hours.

Mr C continued after the incident to experience extreme difficulties within his personal life. Following the incident Mr C encountered extreme pain in the lower back radiating into the right leg and groin, these severe episodes occurred once a month for a period of 4-5 hours at a time. The degenerative injury to his lumbar spine was advanced by three years.

For a prolonged period of time Mr C continued to experience severe headaches everyday from the accident for a period of three months. He continued to have short term memory issues, word-finding difficulty, problems with numbers, impaired concentration, fatigue, depression and unsteadiness.

Throughout the recovery process, Mr C experienced a number of major fits causing damage to himself, Mr C also suffered night seizures on a regularly basis becoming very vacant during the episodes.

As well as the above medical complications, from the occurrence of the accident a medical examination diagnosed Mr C with the following:

The accident's effect on his work and day to day life

Mr C suffered a traumatic experience which didn't end at the accident but affected the rest of his life. Mr C is highly unlikely to drive again following the prolonged affects of epilepsy. Mr C has also been told the chance of him working again would be again highly unlikely. The settlement included future therapy costs and attendance at Headway.

How the case was settled

Liability by the defendant was admitted on 20th March 2012.

The matter in question was settled at a Joint Settlement meeting on a global basis.

Our client accepted £750,000 in full and final settlement of his injury claim. There was no formal breakdown of the settlement but we estimate the following approximate breakdown:

Breakdown of Compensation Award

  • Pain, suffering and loss of amenity - £160,000
  • Past Losses and interest - £90,000
  • Future losses - £500,000

Those defending the claim initially made an offer of £53,000 in 2013, £118,500 in 2014 and £250,000 in 2015 before increasing their offer at a joint settlement meeting to £750,000 in 2016.

Future losses include loss of earning/pension, future care and case management, gym memberships, treatment, equipment and aids.

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