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If you need to claim compensation for a back injury, Spencers injury compensation solicitors can help. We have successfully obtained the maximum possible personal injury compensation for very many satisfied clients.

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What types of back injury can I claim for?

Many people believe that compensation for back injuries is only made in severe cases where someone has broken or damaged their spine. While we do deal with serious spinal cord injuries, more often, back injury compensation claims are made for less severe, but nevertheless, painful and often disabling conditions, such as:

  • Ruptured, prolapsed or herniated discs (a slipped disc)
  • Cracked or fractured vertebrae
  • Soft tissue damage
  • Tendon damage
  • Muscular strain or spasm
  • Damage to Latissimus dorsi muscle (commonly known as the 'lats')
  • Damage to Trapezius muscle (area around the shoulder blades)

Back Injury claims due to an accident at work

As an employee you are entitled to be provided by your employer with a safe place to work at and to receive proper training to carry out the duties that you are asked to by your employer.

The second most common type of accident at work is due to workers handling, lifting or carrying things that are either too heavy and/or because they have not been shown how to safely carry out these duties, so as to avoid injury. Back injuries are the most common form of injury that result from these types of activities. Quite often, back injuries occur when employees who are asked to perform these tasks, do so outside the terms of their contracts of employment.

Back Injury sustained in a road traffic accident

Road traffic accidents are a common cause of back injury claims. When two vehicles collide, often the resulting effect is that drivers and passengers in the respective vehicles are thrown about. This causes a whiplash effect with the head being jolted forwards, back and sideways.

As well as causing neck and shoulder injuries (which may lead to the victim making a whiplash injury compensation claim) below the shoulder back injury can occur, when the body is twisted or jolted as a result of the collision.

When pedestrians are hit by motor vehicles, back injury is likely to be one of the injury types that they suffer. Similarly, cyclists and motorcyclists who are knocked from their bikes in cycling accidents and motorcycle accidents, often sustain back injury. It is not unusual for cyclists and bikers to suffer very serious back injuries, from being thrown onto the road at speed.

Back Injury caused by an Accident in a Public Place

The very nature of a slip, trip or fall in a public place – on the pavement or road, in a supermarket or shopping centre – means that when you fall you are very likely to land on your back, resulting in a back injury. Even falling forwards, can cause the back to be jarred.

Whatever the circumstances, if your back injury was caused by someone else’s negligence or breach of duty of care, then you are likely to have reasonable prospects of making a back injury compensation claim, against the party or person at fault.

How do Spencers handle a Back Injury Claim?

  1. We’ll take full details of the claim from you either over the phone, at our offices or by visiting you at home – whichever you prefer.
  2. We take witness details (if there are any) and contact them to take statements from them.
  3. Spencers will arrange for you to be medically examined by the correct medical specialist or specialists (if more than one type of specialist is required) so that a report can be prepared to define the state of your injuries, how long it will take for you to recover and what type of therapy might help you to recover more quickly. You may need to have further examinations and reports carried out, depending on the prognosis (opinion by the doctor on the likely course of your condition).
  4. If the medical evidence indicates that therapy such as physio, chiropractic treatment etc, will assist your recovery, we’ll arrange that for you.
  5. We’ll prepare schedules of losses, such as loss of earnings, possibly loss of future earnings
  6. We’ll present your case to the insurance company of the person or party that caused the accident and then proceed to bring the claim to a successful conclusion as quickly as possible. In some cases, this may mean that we have to issue court proceedings. This may be down to the fact that our opponents den liability, offer what we believe to be too little by way of compensation or they deal with your claim too slowly.
  7. If your claim is not capable of settling quickly (because the severity of your injuries means that ongoing medical assistance and further reports will be required), we will obtain an interim payment from our opponents. An interim payment, is a type of payment on account. Loss of earnings claims are often a very important part of any back-injury compensation claim and equally are one of the main reasons for looking to get an interim payment. We see it as a priority to try and prevent our clients from suffering financial hardship due to being off work and losing their source of income either temporarily or permanently.
  8. We’ll only conclude the claim for you when we have achieved the maximum compensation possible for your back injury.

For more detailed information about how Spencers will handle your back injury claim or to look at all our personal injury claims, visit our extensive library of personal injury accident guides.

What type of losses can I claim for after a Back Injury claim?

The types of losses are split into two kinds – general damages and specials damages. Not every type of these potential losses will be claimed in every case. When we refer to ‘damages’, this is legal speak for ‘compensation’.

General Damages

  • Pain and suffering that the back injury causes you
  • Loss of amenity - this is the loss of the ability (as a result of the accident) to do certain things that you did before the accident – play sport, do work round the house, take the dogs for a walk, do the shopping or gardening. Loss of amenity may be permanent or temporary.
  • Trauma – caused by memories of the accident resulting in ongoing stress and anxiety
  • Job prospects – finding another job in the future may have been harmed because of the physical impairments caused by your back injury.
  • Loss of career – if your back injury prevents you from pursuing the career that you were in before the accident and you have to find a new career, you may be entitled to compensation for the fact that you are no longer able to pursue your chosen career.

Special Damages

These items can be loosely termed, out of pocket expenses. These will form part of your claim for damages. Examples of special damages;

  1. Loss of earnings
  2. Medical expenses – both short and long term
  3. Travel expenses - car, bus, coach, tram, rail, taxi: usually travel to medical appointments at the doctors, hospital etc.
  4. Costs of replacing property damaged in the accident
  5. Loss of future earnings – you may not be able to return to your job because of your injuries and either take a different and possibly lower paid job. You will be entitled to claim compensation for the loss that you will incur as a result.

Spinal Injuries Association Partner

The Spinal Injuries Association (SIA) is an established charity that provides assistance and support to individuals who have been affected by spine and back related injuries.

Spencers Solicitors have been a SIA corporate partner for over five years and are experienced in securing compensation for all types of back injuries.

For further information about SIA and the support they provide please visit

As specialist back injury solicitors, we regularly gain maximum compensation awards for our clients. this is because we approach each back-injury claim in the same way – that is, we treat every client and every claim as the most important claim that we are dealing with. It doesn’t matter whether your back-injury claim is of a fairly minor nature or is extremely serious. Each and every one of Spencers back injury compensation clients will receive the same high quality of personal service and expertise.

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