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At Spencers Solicitors, our dedicated serious injury claims team includes amongst its number, some of the best brain injury compensation solicitors in the country. This page will provide all the information you need on how to make a claim.

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To become rated as being among the best not only requires our personal injury lawyers to have the skill to recover the maximum amount of brain injury compensation (although that is a vitally important aspect of what we are here to do).

Not all brain injuries are life-threatening or in the long term, life-changing. Nevertheless, even a mild traumatic brain injury is likely to give cause for concern to the victim and their family in the days and weeks following the accident that caused the injury.

According to the brain injury association, Headway, about a million people a year attend A&E at a hospital following a head injury. The majority of those will be suffering from the mildest form of TBI, with symptoms of nausea and dizziness, or in some cases a brief period of unconsciousness. Headway estimates that around 75/80% of head injuries come into this category.

Moderate head injuries are defined as causing loss of consciousness for between 15 minutes and 6 hours. Alternatively, the victim of a moderate head injury may suffer post-traumatic amnesia of up to 24 hours. Moderate head injury sufferers can go on to suffer residual symptoms.

Severe head injury is when someone is unconscious for more than 6 hours or suffers post-traumatic amnesia of more than 24 hours. This type of injury usually leads to a potentially significant period of hospitalisation, with varying forms of rehab being required once the brain injury victim has recovered sufficiently to be discharged as an in-patient.

Severe traumatic brain injuries can be life-changing, not only for the individual who has sustained the injury but for their whole family. Lives are turned upside down in an instant. The victim of an accident causing such a severe injury is likely to require ongoing brain injury rehabilitation for many years to come or even for the rest of their lives in the worst-case scenario. The cost of the level of rehabilitation required may be significant. The victim’s home may need adapting and a fulltime carer required. Sometimes a family member may fulfil the role at the expense of their own career.

Experienced Brain Injury Compensation Solicitors

Spencers Solicitors reputation as expert brain injury solicitors hasn't just been gained because of our technical legal expertise in the area of brain and head injury compensation claims. To become acknowledged as brain injury experts we have had to demonstrate that we;

  1. Focus on securing funds, as soon as possible, from the insurers of the party responsible for the accident that caused the brain injury. These interim funds are vital, to start paying for the rehabilitation our clients need.
  2. Put together a team of experts who will be chosen for their expertise in specific areas.

We leave no stone unturned to ensure that although our clients' quality of life might have been hugely diminished, they will still have all the best facilities and support available, to give them the best lives possible, for the rest of their lives.

Speak with one of our brain injury lawyers now on 08000 93 00 94 or complete our online enquiry form.

Our solicitors become part of the recovery team. Our expert brain injury team develop a unique understanding of the impact of the injury on the client and their family.

We utilise our links with numerous care and rehabilitation organisations to aid recovery and provide support to the injured person and their families. This level of involvement and care is the reason major charities trust us enough to refer people suffering from brain injuries to us for help.

We recover for our clients, compensation for the pain and suffering they have gone through together with payments for all past and future financial losses, rehabilitation and treatment costs and the cost of care.

When we are asked to act on behalf of clients with traumatic brain injury, our specialist brain injury solicitors will visit them at their home, in hospital, or wherever the client happens to be residing or wishes to see us. It's important that our serious injury clients know that we are fully mindful of their needs at all times.

We'll work with medical professionals to arrange for examinations to take place and medical reports to be arranged. Arranging rehabilitation and immediate needs assessment will be one of the first things we do when our client asks us to help them make a claim. From here we will establish any immediate and ongoing medical needs. We'll create a comprehensive claim that covers compensation for pain and suffering as well as the cost of all current and future treatment and care.

Claiming Compensation for a Brain Injury

In our opinion, it's absolutely vital that anyone who suffers a brain injury as a result of the negligence of another person makes a brain injury claim. Severe brain injury brings with it massive changes for the injured person and their families. It's not just the amount of compensation recoverable that is important (although it is important). It is also about the level of support and expert rehabilitation that becomes possible when the personal injury claim is placed in the hands of an experienced brain injury lawyer.

Recovery from a brain injury can be a long process, but we will be there to help, all the way. We'll be proactive and we'll help reach a legal conclusion as quickly as possible. And we can handle the claim under a no win no fee arrangement. Spencers Solicitors have recovered millions of pounds for clients who have been injured as a result of the actions of others.

Headway Accredited Solicitors

Spencers Solicitors is formally accredited by the UK’s leading brain injury charity, Headway (National Head Injuries Association).

The charity, which supports brain injury survivors and their families, publishes the Headway Head Injury Solicitors Directory which assists people seeking the services of solicitors experienced in this area of law.

Many of our serious personal injury team have been awarded Senior Litigator status with the Association of Personal Injury Solicitors (APIL) and the team received the accolade of being shortlisted for the prestigious Catastrophic Injury Solicitors of the Year Award in 2019.

If either you or a member of your family has suffered a brain injury as a result of someone else's negligence or breach of duty of care contact us. You can call us now on 08000 93 00 94 and speak to one of our experienced brain injury solicitors right away.

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