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If you have been involved in an accident that was not your fault and have suffered a head or brain injury as a result of the accident, then you will be able to make a head injury compensation claim.

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What types of head injury can I make a compensation claim for?

Injuries to the head vary greatly in type and severity, but in many cases, they result in serious injury claims being made.

How are head injuries usually caused?

Head injury compensation claims are caused by many different types of accidents and events:

Injury Type Event Description
Head injuries from car accidents Car accidents usually involve a sudden and violent collision. Even if airbags are deployed, the head can still be jagged back and forwards, in a whiplash movement or side to side. Alternatively, it may strike a part of the interior of the vehicle.
Head injuries from motorcycle accidents, cycling accidents and pedestrian accidents These three categories of road users are also the most vulnerable. Head injuries suffered by any of these three groups in road traffic accidents are often of an extremely serious nature.
Head Injuries caused by accidents at work Falls from height, such as ladders or scaffolding are a common cause of head injuries at work. Similarly, items falling from height pose a risk of serious head injury, even if protective headgear is being worn by employees. Building site injury compensation claims are often centred around serious head injuries.
Head injuries from horse riding accidents In 2019, a report in Sports Open revealed the findings of a survey which found that of all reported equestrian accidents that indicated an injury had occurred to the rider, 70% involved injuries to the head.
Head injuries in sports accidents Playing contact sports requires participants to accept that by the very nature of the sport, there is a risk of injury. Nevertheless, that implied consent to risk only goes so far. There are occasions where head injuries incurred whilst playing sport can give rise to personal injury compensation claims.
Head injury as a result of medical negligence Negligence by medical professionals during birth or pregnancy can cause brain damage. (Our dedicated brain injury claims page covers this type of claim in more detail.)
Head injury caused by a criminal act Criminal injuries The innocent victims of criminal assaults who sustain head injuries, need not go uncompensated. Claims for criminal injuries can be made to the CICA - Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority

What are the most common types of accident-related head injury?

  1. Minor cuts and bruising
  2. Serious lacerations to the head
  3. Concussion
  4. Fractured skull
  5. Brain injuries

Is there such a thing as a minor head injury?

Any trauma or blow to the head should be taken seriously, even if the injury that's been sustained at first instance seems minor. There have been numerous occasions when a head injury victim has been assessed as only suffering from a minor head injury, only to later find that the injury is more serious. Headaches, nausea, feeling sick, dizzy or suffering from memory loss, can all be indicators of a more serious injury.

How do I make a claim for head injury compensation?

  • You have three years from the date of the accident causing the head injury to make a claim, so make sure that you start the claims process within this period. For persons under the age of 18 who have an accident that causes head injury, then the three-year period only begins when they reach 18 and it ends on their 21st birthday.
  • Notwithstanding the time limit for making a claim, our advice is to get the claim underway as soon as possible. There will be work to be done, even before a first letter or email is sent to the insurance company of the party responsible for the accident that caused the head injury. Witnesses to the accident may need to be contacted and statements taken. Plans and photographs of the accident scene will need to be obtained. A brief report from a medical expert might be needed to ascertain essential facts or opinions. In other words, the sooner you contact a solicitor, the sooner the claims process will start and a weight will be lifted off your shoulders.
  • Finding the right solicitor is important if you intend making a claim for head injury compensation. We think it is vital that you ensure that you instruct a specialist, experienced compensation solicitor to act on your behalf, like the ones at Spencers. If you decide to ask Spencers solicitors to handle your claim, our highly trained personal injury lawyers will ensure that your claim will be;
  1. Conducted in the most professional manner possible
  2. Carried out by highly experienced head injury compensation solicitors, and that
  3. The maximum head injury compensation possible will be obtained from the insurers of the party that was responsible for the accident.

Do you want to speak to one of our specialist head injury compensation solicitors now? Call us now on 08000 93 00 94. Our initial advice to you will be entirely free.

What Can I Claim for After a Head Injury?

Every case is different and there may be some further expenditure that is required in particular cases. If the expenditure can be justified as being necessary as a direct consequence of the injuries caused by the accident in question, then subject to being able to justify the amount, it is likely to be recoverable. An expert head injury solicitor will have the necessary experience to provide you with guidance as to what would and what would not be recoverable.

The following heads of claim apply most frequently to head injury compensation claims:

  • Compensation for Pain and suffering i.e. compensation for the actual injury itself
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Costs of specialist medical treatment
  • Travel expenses - to medical and other experts' appointments

And the amount of compensation that you will recover? Every case is different, even amongst those that bear lots of similarities. We'll be able to start putting a value on your claim, once we have gathered enough evidence including the obtaining of medical reports on the status of your injuries.

Are Spencers Solicitors Experienced Head Injury Compensation Solicitors?

We are, and our record and our accreditations are proof of that.

Spencers Solicitors are a Headway accredited law firm and are an approved head injury claim specialist; therefore, you can be confident that your claim is being dealt with by experienced, specialist head injury compensation solicitors

When we are instructed by clients with serious head injuries to help them make a compensation claim, we organise a home visit to see them. Often, it's the most convenient and suitable setting to make an initial assessment of the details of the accident and the injury.

During the course of working on claims for compensation on behalf of our head injury clients, we work alongside expert head injury medical specialists. Their role is to define the nature and severity of your head injury and provide a plan by way of treatment and/or therapy, working in conjunction with us, to ensure that you make the best recovery possible. Arranging a 'rehabilitation and immediate needs assessment' will be one of the first things we do.

The medical reports that we ask the medical experts to prepare for us, on your behalf, will provide us with essential documents that will help us value the correct worth of your head injury claim.

We will establish what both your immediate and ongoing medical needs are, to enable us to present a comprehensive claim that covers the cost of all current and future medical treatment needs and care, as well as compensation for the pain and suffering the head injury and any associated injuries have caused you.

Why else should I choose Spencers solicitors to handle my head injury claim?

  • When you ask us to take on your claim, we'll put you into the safe hands of our professional, specialist and experienced head injury team that will develop a unique understanding of you, your claim, your problems and your recovery.
  • Our head injury solicitors become part of your recovery team and an important part of your life at a difficult time.
  • We utilise our links with numerous care and rehabilitation organisations to aid recovery. This level of involvement and long-term care is the reason major charities trust us enough to recommend their head injury clients to us.
  • Dealing with the technical and procedural aspects of your claim expertly is a given. However, as previous head injury and other serious injury clients will testify to, Spencers solicitors have a great 'bedside manner.'

Any recovery from a head injury can be a long process, but we will be there to help all the way. We'll be pro-active and we'll help reach a legal conclusion as quickly as possible, all the way to getting compensation awarded to you. We can handle the claim under a no win no fee agreement.

Advice on making a Head Injury Claim

After having decided to pursue a claim for head injury compensation, the next thing to do is contact us here at Spencers Solicitors. There is no obligation to use us after first speaking with one of our lawyers. Call us on 08000 93 00 94 to discuss your claim or book a no-obligation meeting with one of our specialist head injury solicitors. Alternatively, complete our Online Claim Enquiry form and we'll call you.

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