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While many serious injuries are caused by accidents on the road or at work, they can also happen in children's playgrounds, at schools and public amenities.

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Serious injuries disrupt the lives of the injured and their families.

For the seriously injured party, the consequences of the accident will be life changing. That may be for a finite period of time or for much longer, possibly even permanently. During this time, they may need to rely to a great extent on family members for care and assistance.

Depending on the particular nature of the injuries suffered and the length of time they are likely to be incapacitated, it may even be that professional medical care needs to be arranged.

At Spencers Solicitors we are often asked to take on multiple injury claims. These are for people who have a suffered number of different types of serious injury arising out of the same accident.

Cases of permanent disability might mean adaptations are needed to the home, or even new accommodation sourced.

Our serious injury solicitors are recognised as being amongst the best catastrophic injury lawyers in the country. Our head office is based in the heart of England, in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. From here, we are well placed to service the needs of catastrophically injured clients from all over the country.

What is a Serious Injury?

Very severe injuries are also referred to as catastrophic injuries. This word perhaps more fully describes the devastation experienced by the person who has suffered a serious injury. It's a word also that also describes the experience that the injured person's family will go through, too.

There is no set definition as to what constitutes a serious injury. However, it is an injury that is devastating in terms of the nature of the injury that was suffered. It is one with long‐lasting effects for the person who sustained the injury.

Catastrophic injuries will usually require immediate and urgent hospital treatment. They are likely to entail being an in‐patient at hospital for days, weeks or months. The length of stay will depend on the severity of the injury.

These types of injury will adversely affect the quality of life of the injured person.

How do I start a claim for Serious Injury Compensation?

Your sole focus should be on recuperating from the injuries sustained in the accident. It is therefore important to engage the services of a catastrophic injury lawyer.

Spencers Solicitors have the proven experience of dealing with serious personal injury cases. You can call us free of charge on 08000 93 00 94. Provided that we have your permission to do so, we can discuss your case with a family member if you would prefer.

At Spencers Solicitors we don’t believe in confusing people with excessive use of legal jargon. We use plain English to explain the process of making a claim.

Why should I choose Spencers as my serious injury compensation solicitors?

By choosing Spencers as your serious injury solicitors, you will find that:

  • Our complex injury solicitors become part of your recovery team.
  • We keep a close eye on your progress.
  • We will appoint an expert team of injury lawyers that will develop a unique understanding of you and your injury.
  • We utilise our links with numerous care and rehabilitation organisations to aid your recovery.
  • This level of involvement and care is the reason that people trust us with their highly complex injury cases.
  • Experienced in running gthis type of case and achieving excellent outcomes for clients

Getting well again can take a long time, but we'll be with you all the way. We'll be pro‐active and we'll help you to reach a legal conclusion as quickly as possible. Plus, we can handle your claim under a No Win, No Fee arrangement.

Will you come out to visit me to take details?

Yes, absolutely we will.

Whenever we receive instructions to act on behalf of seriously injured claimants, we will travel to visit them. That may be in their homes, in a hospital or wherever is most suitable for them.

It doesn't matter where you are in the country. We'll come to visit you. One of our solicitors will take full details of your claim, from you.

The solicitor will explain what further information we will need from you or your family. They'll also tell you what we will do, to obtain the maximum injury compensation possible for you.

What can I claim for a serious injury claim?

  1. Damages (compensation) for the pain and suffering that your injury has caused you.
  2. Loss of earnings: a claim for the earnings that you lose up to the date of settlement of your claim. There may be a claim for anticipated, ongoing loss of earnings.
  3. Medical expenses – these can become significant if your injuries are catastrophic. As your solicitors’ part of our job is to obtain interim payments to cover payments for the cost of medical treatment.
  4. Travel expenses – the nature of your injuries might mean that you have to travel to see medical consultants as part of the ongoing process of both your recovery and your claim. Some cases require multiple consultants.
  5. Rehabilitation Costs – In most cases involving serious injury, a program of rehabilitation needs to be put together by your solicitors working in conjunction with experienced rehabilitation professionals as early in the case as possible. As time passes, the programme may need to be added to, as yours further needs become apparent. Needs can then be identified and costed out, so that funding can be sought from the insurers of the negligent party.

Rehabilitation may come in the form of physiotherapy, occupational therapists, counsellors, or specialised medical services particular to your personal case.

It may be that you require the services of a care assistant.

If your injuries prevent you from, for example, going upstairs to the bathrooms or bedroom or from accessing other parts of your home, your home may need to be adapted accordingly.

You may require special medical equipment to be installed at home.

Spencers can ensure that you obtain the right training if you have to change career. This might be necessary if you are no longer able to do the job you had before the accident.

Your transport requirements may change, and your motor vehicle need adapting, or a more suitable replacement needs to be purchased.

Our serious injury solicitors aim is to help you to regain as much self‐sufficiency as possible. We'll also recover the funds required to achieve this aim.

What experience do Spencers solicitors have of dealing with serious injury claims?

We recently helped a client secure £3.25 million in compensation after being involved in a motorcycle accident. Our serious injury lawyers ensured that her compensation package covered compensation for the injuries that she sustained. It also provided for her long‐term care needs, home and vehicle adaptation and a state‐of‐the‐art prosthetic arm.

Spencers Solicitors serious injury team acted for a client who was a mental health patient. Whilst in the care of the hospital, he was left with catastrophic injuries after gaining access to and then jumping from a roof at the hospital, suffering severe brain damage and spinal injuries.

Thanks to our personal injury solicitors hard work, our client was awarded compensation which will rise to £10.5 million.

Headway Accredited Solicitors

Spencers Solicitors is a corporate member of the UK’s leading brain injury charity, Headway (National Head Injuries Association).

The charity, which supports brain injury survivors and their families, publishes the Headway Head Injury Solicitors Directory which assists people seeking the services of solicitors experienced in this area of law.

We are also a corporate member of the SIA (Spinal Injuries Association).

What is my next step?

Your life may have changed dramatically as a result of the serious injuries that you suffered. Take back control by contacting Spencers Solicitors today to see how they can help you with your serious injury claim.

Contact us on 08000 93 00 94 to discuss the details of your claim with one of our specialists. We'll provide without obligation no cost to you. If you prefer, complete an Online Claim Enquiry Form and we'll get in touch.

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What are the most frequent causes of serious injury?

Serious and catastrophic injuries can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere and anyhow. They are most commonly sustained as a result of:

What are the most common types of serious injury claim?

Serious injuries can take the form of broken bones, internal injuries and damage to vital organs, including the brain. Here are some of the more common types of serious injury that lead to compensation claims being made:

  1. Head Injury Claims
  2. Brain Injury Claims
  3. Fracture and Broken Bone Claims
  4. Amputation Claims
  5. Loss of Sight Claims
  6. Severe Burn Scarring Claims
  7. Psychological Injury Claims

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