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At Spencers we have a team of spinal cord injury solicitors and we will establish an understanding of the difficulties facing the injured person and their family.

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Spinal injuries are very often traumatic life changing events, and the consequences for the injured person and their family can be severe. We will secure a level of compensation to provide the best medical care, rehabilitation and support for as long as is needed.

We are experts in securing compensation for clients who have suffered traumatic spinal cord injuries as a result of accidents that were not their fault, to include payment for rehabilitation, adaptations to their home, the cost of care and support, loss of future earnings and therapy that is needed.

Types of Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries are almost always extremely serious and result severe restriction in the ability to move or feel (paralysis). The exact location and severity of the damage are the two main factors that determine any resulting disability which can include paralysis in the arms, legs, torso or impaired breathing and body functions.


Relates to areas around the neck and head with injury usually result in full or partial tetraplegia or quadriplegia (loss of use to limbs and torso).


Commonly referred to as the area between the head and abdomen. Injuries in this region of the spine usually result in paraplegia (loss of use to lower limbs).


The area around the lower back, abdomen and pelvic region. Spinal injuries here can decrease control of the legs, hips and urinary system.

Cauda Equina Syndrome

This is a condition where nerves at the base of the spinal cord become compressed resulting in damage to the nerves controlling the bladder and bowel.

Experienced Spinal Cord Injury Solicitors

Injuries to the spine can occur in a variety of circumstances, including road accidents, accidents at work or whilst playing sport. Through no fault of their own, an injured person may be left temporarily or permanently paralysed.

  • We handle spinal injury claims within our complex injury team and one of our experienced solicitors will establish a unique understanding of the injured person's circumstances and needs. We will arrange a home visit to allow our solicitors to fully understand the circumstances of the accident in the most convenient setting for the injured person.
  • We will work with medical professionals to meticulously define the status of the damage to the spine and what the long term prognosis will be. Arranging a rehabilitation and immediate needs assessment will be one of the first things we do.
  • From here we will establish any immediate and ongoing medical needs and create a comprehensive claim that covers the cost of all current and future care.

Raising Awareness of Spinal Cord Injuries

Spencers Solicitors supports Spinal Cord Injuries Day, which aims to raise understanding of spinal cord injuries and demonstrate the positive future that it's possible to have after suffering such an injury.

Spinal Injuries Association Partner

The Spinal Injuries Association (SIA) is an established charity that provides assistance and support to individuals who have been affected by spine and back related injuries.

Spencers Solicitors have been a SIA corporate partner for over five years and are experienced in securing compensation for all types of back injuries.

For further information about SIA and the support they provide please visit www.spinal.co.uk.


Spinal Injuries Association Panel Solicitor

Spencers Solicitors understand the important work that the SIA do and have been supporting the SIA as a corporate member for over five years. We are also proud to be a panel solicitor for the SIA. The SIA are keen to ensure that all people who suffer an SCI have the legal advice they need following an accident. Spinal cord injury, unlike some other types of personal injury, is a very specialised area. Solicitors are only be accepted on the SIA panel if they can provide evidence that that they have sufficiently qualified staff who have experience in handling cases involving these complex injuries. Each panel firm has agreed to abide by the SIA Code of Conduct, which is backed by the Association of Personal injury Lawyers. A copy of the Code is available on the SIA website. Spencers Solicitors are the only Solicitors firm in the Chesterfield area who are on the SIA panel.

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