Banking Disputes

Our Dispute Resolution solicitors assist businesses of all types with claims relating to mis-sold bank products. It is vital to get professional legal advice quickly if you think you have a claim regarding mis-sold banking products. We will carry out a review of your case, and will tell you if your claim is one that can be progressed.

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Following this initial review we gather together more detail, and ask you for more information concerning the circumstances in which you were sold the product. It's also possible we might contact your bank and ask for copies of certain documents or other records.

Once we have been through this process, we will set out your claim to the bank involved. It is usual for us to encourage settlement by the bank at this stage, avoiding the need for further action. If the issue is not resolved at this stage, we will advise you as to the next steps and what further action is necessary. Because we focus on what's best for your business, we will always make sure the approach taken reflects the commercial needs of your business.

Can you provide advice for other commerical disputes?

Our team provides advice on any commercial dispute including banking, insurance, land and building disputes and property litigation.

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Business Disputes

Business Disputes

Business disputes take many different forms and have different levels of complexity. Our approach to resolving disputes is tailored to your business and particular dispute. We will get quickly to the core issues and provide you with pragmatic, commercial advice to achieve the best outcome for you.

Insurance Disputes

Insurance Disputes

Land and Building Disputes

Land and Building Disputes

Property Litigation

Property Litigation

Debt Action

Debt Actions

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