The Value Of Being Valued As A Business

Given the disruption of the past 2 years, you could forgive business partners and suppliers for not being able to deliver 100% on expectations.

However, when a supplier is no longer providing an agreed service the follow-up conversations can be quite difficult, especially when you’re locked into a lengthy contract.

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It’s a problem that we at Spencers Solicitors are coming across more and more often. A number of our current HR and Employment Law clients contacted Spencers after becoming increasingly frustrated with suppliers that had failed to deliver on expectations. Often, these were large professional service companies.

One of our latest clients said this of their experience;

"The problem with our previous supplier was that we did not get the support we were expecting. We were given a crib sheet to follow, and told that we should follow that to the letter…"

Every time we spoke to the supplier we would speak to a different person; there was a lack of consistency and no opportunity to build relationships.

The impact this had on us was that we didn’t feel like we were getting a bespoke service, based on the issue in hand. It felt like quite a flat way of looking at things, without taking into account our business, and our specific problems. It was actually quite a lonely experience!”

Managing Director of Spencers, Robert Landman added,

"A big part of our approach is tailoring the service we provide to the needs of the businesses we work with. We are fortunate to have the privilege of being able to get to know our clients and adapt to their specific requirements. Of course, we have commercial pressures, but it has always been a conscious decision to prioritise the individual needs of our clients. We believe we all benefit in the long run this way."

If you are looking for a new HR and Employment Law services firm and would like to have an honest conversation about how Spencers could meet the needs of your firm, then please get in touch on 08000 93 00 94.

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