Care Home Abuse Claims

Placing a child, elderly or disabled relative under someone else's care can involve their families in having to make stressful decisions. Most care, residential and nursing homes around the UK are comfortable, where every resident's special needs are met. Sadly though, there are some cases where abuse of residents takes place. Abuse in a care home can occur in many different forms, whether physical, psychological or sexual.

Finding out that one of your family members has been a victim of abuse or injury whilst under the care of someone else, causes anger and distress. If you find out or believe that a family member has been injured or the victim of care home abuse, you may be able to pursue a civil compensation claim, on their behalf.

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Common Causes of Residential Care Claims

  • Falls due to lack of care by insufficient or unqualified staff
  • Malnutrition
  • Dehydration
  • Injuries from incorrect handling of the patient
  • Mistreated or abused by care staff
  • Medical errors or negligence

What to do if you suspect Abuse in a Care Home

If you suspect that a relative has been subjected to injury or abuse at a residential home, you should first and foremost raise the issue with the establishment and, in the case of abuse, the police. The safety of the individual is paramount and you should take action immediately. We can then work with the police and social services, as their investigation can be used as evidence in a civil claim for compensation.

Making a Care Home Abuse Claim

Claims relating to the abuse of an elderly or disabled person will usually be taken against the company or person responsible for the care home. This may be the local authority, the private care organisation or even a charity. Each type of establishment should have insurance in place to cover them in the event of a claim, so just because a residential home is run by a charity shouldn't prevent you from pursuing a claim following care home injury.

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